Best Crossbows

Here you have the list of top ten best crossbows. Best diggers have searched all over the
internet about the best selling crossbows in the market to present you the list of top ten
this list has been made by collecting the data from thousands of users who have already used
the product. so you don't need to search anymore for this product. all you want is here…
Here you have the list of most powerful crossbows available in the market. By which you will
never miss your target.

List  of best Crossbows in 2018

1.Barnett Ghost 410 CRT Crossbow Package

Barnett Ghost 410 CRT Crossbow Package is one of the best crossbow available on the
market. it offers the users the best features when compared with other products.
this product is one of the most powerful crossbows available in the market today. its design,
speed and accuracy are just too good.
the design of  Barnett Ghost 410 CRT Crossbow Package is very comfortable because of the
major weight of the product is located near the shoulder of the archer and it prevents the
weapon from dropping forward slightly.
another advantage of it is its trigger system. the trigger system and string latch of Barnett Ghost
410 CRT work flawlessly
so that the user can release the string and arrow every time smoothly. and it makes you more
accurate in aiming.
the Ghost 410 is very accurate for every shooter. it is helpful even if you are not an experienced
shooter. the arrow of this crossbow will dig deep enough into it.
Barnett Ghost 410 is Super light and ultra-compact. and it is very easy to carry. it will not give
you much trouble in carrying. so you can feel free and enjoy your time.
it Shoots up to 372 fps and Jaw-dropping 410 FPS shooting speed (150 ft-lbs. of kinetic
energy!). it is a very good speed compared to other crossbows. That is the average kinetic
energy needed to harvest the biggest living creature on earth is about 75 ft lbs.Barnett Ghost
410 offers you double the energy needed. this feature makes the product number one in  the
By using Barnett Ghost 410 for aiming, your target won’t have even the slightest chance of
reacting before your arrow hits the vital organs.
Ghost 410 has a Superb accuracy at 70 yards and more and it has enough power to take down
any living creature on our planet. So don't you think its accuracy and speed is just amazing?
Barnett Ghost 410 has CRT ultra-light carbon riser. which gives the bow a well-balanced feel
reacting before your arrow hits the vital organs.
Ghost 410 has a Superb accuracy at 70 yards and more and it has enough power to take down
any living creature on our planet. So don't you think its accuracy and speed is just amazing?
Barnett Ghost 410 has CRT ultra-light carbon riser. which gives the bow a well-balanced feel.
In all ways, Ghost 410 is really helpful for your hunting. It will assist you to get your target
without much trouble. Its design and features are too good and I am sure that you won't regret
buying this product. So make sure you get it.
It is the fastest crossbow that has been built powerful ever(up to 410 feet per second of velocity)
It has a powerful, compact and lightweight design.
Ghost 410 offers a great accuracy(you can hunt even if you are 70 yards far)
The main disadvantage of Ghost 410 is that Requires a lot of string waxing to prevent serving
separation. This is the only con of the product.

2.Ravin R15

Here we are introducing you the new R15 from Ravin Crossbows. Ravin R15 is powered by
Helicoil technology which makes it boldly different than any crossbow ever created. It offers a
number of special design advantages, which helps the user to aim his target very
comes with a  package of features which a hunter ever needed.
The Ravin r15 Crossbow has a smooth and glossy rifle-like design and it gives you an
unmatched downrange accuracy in every shot. it is significantly smaller and limited in
extent(narrower) than any crossbow on the market. because it has a marvellous axle-to- axle
measurement of a mere 6 inches at full draw and this makes the product easy to use and carry.
Ravin r15 Crossbow is a beautiful combination of speed, power, and accuracy which makes it
unique from others.
it has a package that includes brand new Ravin bolts and nocks, New 100 grain practice field
points, New removable cocking handle and a new quiver/mounting bracket. this package is
really helpful for your needs.
Ravin’s R15 is different from any other crossbow that we have ever tested. it has a bow that
includes the HeliCoil technology which allows the cams to rotate a full 340 degrees when it is
loaded, resulting in an extremely compact package that is very powerful. The bolt is supported
with a traditional nock at the rear and a rest up front, so it has no contact with the bow’s barrel.
It’s slow and loud—but requires just 12 pounds of effort and can be decocked almost as easily.
Our test bow punched one-hole groups and finished at or near the top in all categories.
Ravin r15 is just amazing in all its perspectives. it is very useful for a hunter to aim its goal very
precisely. its package is too good to use. Ravin r15 has a compact size. so you can carry it
anywhere and does not need to stress on carrying.
it has a speed of 425 fps. this is a very good speed of a crossbow compared with others. and its
power -stroke is 13" which is very powerful and accurate with a draw force of 12 lbs.Ravin r15
crossbow has a kinetic energy of 160 ft lbs. the average kinetic energy needed for an efficient
shooting speed is 150 ft lbs. so the shooting speed of Ravin r15 is good to use.
Ravin r15 is a good quality and featured crossbow which is able to fulfil all that you
wanted.Ravin is a good brand in crossbows and it meets all its specification in its newest
version r15.  According to our search, it is one of the best one available today in the
will be happy trying this product.
It has a Removable Cocking Handle
It has a shooting speed of 160 ft lbs
It is compact in size(axle-to- axle measurement of a mere 6 inches).
It has significantly smaller and narrower
It’s slow and loud, but requires just 12 pounds of effort and can be decocked

3. Mission Sub 1 Crossbow

Mission Sub 1 Crossbow is one of the best available in the brand of is designed to
be the most accurate crossbow in the market.

it is quite easy to use and consistent. it can deliver groups less than 1” at 100 yards and it is a
good feature of crossbows. the trigger system designed in this crossbow is very innovative.this
trigger is designed with an ability to decock safely when the button is pushed.Mission Sub 1
Crossbow has a very compact frame so it is easy to use and carry. the main quality offered by
Mission Sub 1 Crossbow is its uncompromising commitment to high-quality materials. all parts
of the product is made of high-quality materials so you don't have any doubt about its quality.
Mission Sub 1 Crossbow assure the users an unmatched shooting experience. Matt McPherson
is the founder of Mathews Archery and Mission Crossbows. for him, it is very important that
mission has to be known for delivering good products at good prices.
The SUB-1 is not a new iteration of an old Mission model. It's a brand-new platform that's quite
different from any other crossbow I've used.Mission Sub 1 is almost made up of aluminium the
quantity of plastic used is comparatively less.
one another advantage of Mission Sub 1 is that cocking is less difficult and de-cocking is not
just possible, but remarkably easy.
Mission sub 1 has a de-cocking button and a two-stage trigger with a fully contained rolling sear
that's pre-set at 3.4 pounds. It is designed with an arrow-retention arm and it is mainly for your
convenience in loading and keeping things. So it can load and keep things where they should
be. And this feature help in accuracy. Which is one of the main goal of  Mission.
The mission has a mind-blowing accuracy and safety. It is mainly because of the very innovative
trigger system.
Mission sub 1 crossbows is another best product available today in the market. the main feature
of it is its uncompromising quality. They always wanted to provide the best quality product with
good price.
And it includes  Pro Kit includes Hawke XB-1 1.5×32 SR Etched Reticle Variable speed 2-colour
Illuminated scope with match grade rings, 3 Mission bolts, MX-3 quiver, Cocking Aid, Rail Lube
and case.
Mission created the SUB-1 to redefine crossbow accuracy and quality. There's no question the
platform is well-built—in fact, it might be over-built in some regards. So it is well finished and
easy to use the product. And its accuracy and quality of the product are mind-blowing.
Designed to be accurate quiet, easy to use.
It  consistently delivers groups less than 1” at 100 yards
It has an innovative trigger system that has the ability to safely de-cock with the push of a
Features a compact frame and built with high-quality materials.
It has a  Speed of 350 fps, Weight: 7.5 lbs., Draw Weight 200 lbs., Trigger Pull: 3.4 lbs., Power
Stroke: 13.75”, Length: 30.25”, Width 10.7” cocked 13.8” uncocked.

4.Horton Innovations NH15001-7552 storm RDX

Horton Innovations NH15001-7552 was powered by Horton’s radical new RDX Technology. It is
an adrenaline-fueled machine. This is built especially to serve the hunter who refuses to be
fenced in by convention.
It measures an incredible 10" axle-to- axle when cocked. And it is one of the best features of a
crossbow. Storm delivers its 400-grain carbon arrow at a blazing 370 FPS with 122 foot-pounds
of hard hitting kinetic energy. It offers a great speed in crossbows.
The Storm RDX sets an unprecedented standard in crossbows, with its remarkably narrow
profile.  Every hunter will love trying this. It is an innovative good standard product by Horton

It has a lightweight aluminum riser which is outfitted with a self-locking limb pocket. and also has
cap system that prevents limb twist. This feature of storm RDX provides an added cushioning
and helps in reducing the limb stress. These pockets are then fitted with 13-inch tactical black
165-pound limbs. And this have been powered by a custom RDX Cam System and
DynaFLIGHT 97 string and cables.
Storm RDX has a machined RDX cams with 440 stainless steel bearings. This will help in
increasing the performance of the product and also helps to improve its stability.
Its Stock is two times stronger than any others and it absorbs massive amounts of vibration.
And its  ACRA-ANGLE Barrel helps in eliminating fincher pinching and ensures accuracy. These
features are enough to assure the accuracy and performance of the product.
Horton Innovations NH15001-7552 has a safety engineered foregrip and wings which is
designed to help in keeping the shooter’s foregrip hand safety below the bow string releasing
The 3.5 LBS TRIGGER with AUTO-ENGAGING SAFETY helps the hunter to have a smooth
and crisp trigger pull with increased accuracy.
The storm RDX is light weight only with 7.7 lb. And it is easy to carry for hunting anywhere and
The ACUdraw self-retracting rope cocking system of storm RDX makes it easy to handle the
RDX's 165.
lbs  of draw weight.
The  Length of storm RDX is  35.25".
The  Power stroke it offers is 16.5".
And has a Width – Axle-to- Axle (uncocked/cocked) of 15.5"/10"
These are the main features that is offered by Horton Innovations NH15001-7552 storm RDX.
And these
features are good enough when compared with any  other crossbow available in the market.
The Horton Innovations NH15001-7552  Package includes 1 x Horton Storm RDX Crossbow
Package,1 x Horton 4×32 Multi-Line Scope,1 x Horton 3-Arrow Quiver,1 x 3 Carbon Arrows and
the 1 x ACUdraw cocking mechanism.

1.PERFECT STORM OF ADRENALINE AND PRECISION for the hunters who refuses to be
fenced in by convention
2.RDX REVERSE DRAW CAM SYSTEM . The machine aluminum RDX cams featuring 440
stainless steel
bearings helps in improving the stability and accuracy of the crossbow.
3.It has a DROP-TESTED STOCK which is two times  stronger than any other ASB stocks and
it absorbs massive amounts of vibration
4. ACRA-ANGLE Barrel helps in eliminating the fincher pinching and ensures accuracy of the
the bow without an arrow and wings are designed to help keep the shooter's fore-grip hand
safely below the bowstring release path
6. 3.5 LBS TRIGGER with AUTO-ENGAGING SAFETY provides a smooth and crisp trigger pull
with increased accuracy

5.Stryker Katana 360

The Stryker Katana 360 is an awesome crossbow. It is a simple safe and compact crossbow in
the market. It an efficient package of amazing technologies.
The Stryker Katana 360  has a safe and more efficient decocking feature. In katana 360
decocking a bow is quite simple and highly efficient. So why fire when you can decock the bow
It is just too good in size, technology, speed, weight and balance across the board. It’s high
efficiency and low poundage gives the hunter a better chance of aiming the target and also
assures the success.
Stryker Katana 360 is a good looking structured crossbow. It is very secure and gives you a
comfortable feel while using. This is because the crossbows foregrips of the stock, as well as
the rear grip, have rubber inlays.
The design and structure of makes it is quite easy to arrange. So there is no much trouble in
assembling. The crossbow comes with a manual safety, and it features the Guardian anti-dry
fire mechanism. It helps to prevent accidental dry fires. So the user can be free from the fear of
The Katana has a string dampener system, limb vibration dampeners, and rubber string
silencers factory installed in it, which helps in the reduction of both noise and vibration.
It is one of the balanced crossbow available in the market. This is attained with the help of the
bullpup stock design.  The katana 360 crossbow measures in at just under 35” long including
the foot stirrup, and only 17.5” wide ATA when cocked.
Katana 360 has a reverse draw cam technology, using this feature the Katana has a 13” power
stroke and a very light 150-pound draw weight. And because of the lighter draw weight, it is very
easy to cock making re-cocking the crossbow over and over again.
It has a compact design and is light in the hand and balanced very well. It shoots arrows at 360
fps which are plenty fast enough to hunt any big game on the planet.
Stryker Katana 360 has a speed of 360 fps, which is good enough speed compared with the
best crossbows in the market. It has a draw weight of 150 lbs and a mass weight of 6.5 lbs. The
arrow length provided by Stryker Katana 360 is 20" and the Axle to Axle (brace) is 20
3/16".these are the collection of features provided by Stryker Katana 360 for the users.
It will be really an amazing experience to use the  Stryker Katana 360. It is simple and safe to
use. And has a good accuracy and efficiency.
1.Katana 360 outperforms the competition in size, technology, speed, weight, and balance
across the board
2.High efficiency and low poundage makes it ghostly quiet on every shot
3. No more shooting arrows into the dirt, the new decocking feature makes it safe and simple to
decock your crossbow
4.Guardian anti-dry fire prevents accidental dry fire and allows for safe decocking
5.Bullpup stock has a shorter overall length creating better balance and accuracy
6.Compact footprint for perfect weight distribution and easy maneuverability

6.Killer Instinct SWAT Package

Killer Instinct SWAT Package is one of the most uniquely designed crossbows available in the
market. It is super compact at just 29 inches long and 14 inches wide axle-to- axle. Which makes
it super amazing.
It is really lightweight and small in size. Since it has the pack enough punch to get the biggest
one on the planet. Killer Instinct SWAT Package assures you that you will have no problem in

carrying. And it can move skilfully or is a real game-changer. It has a 17.5-inch power
stroke with just  29 inches long.
Killer Instinct SWAT Package has an extreme speed and power which has blasting arrows with
downrange at 385 FPS. And it is able to deliver 131 foot-pounds of kinetic energy with the KI
SWAT. And it is considered to be the best speed available. It is very easy to use.
The only drawback that comes with this package is the finish. It is not available in camo finish.
But it's not a big deal.
When coming to accuracy, Killer Instinct SWAT is too good. This crossbow is advertised as a
100 yard monster. And it will not disappoint you at any cost for sure. It is true as it claims.
Killer Instinct SWAT Package has a different cocking style compared to other crossbows. But it
is quite easy to handle. The draw weight it offers is 165 pounds so you can theoretically pull it
by hand. We get a rope-cocking device with it. So it is recommended that using it will give you a
consistent draw and an accurate shot.
The package includes Hawk XB30 Pro 1-5×24 scope, which is considered to be one of the best
available on the market. And the scope also includes markers to the sides to help you to get
your target.
The glass etched reticle is illuminated in red and the stepless rheostat offers brightness setting
that is perfect.
The package consists of a Cst Concealed string technology, Enclosed CNC double barrel
System, Hawk XB30 Pro 1-5×24 scope,2.5 lb. Ki sniper trigger and Hogue over-molded
Beavertail grip. You’ll get six SWAT 22-inch arrows by Black Eagle with your crossbow. These
carbon arrows are excellent quality, but they don’t include field trips. These combinations
together provide you a great accuracy, and you’ve really got a winning combination.
Safety offered by this package is amazing. with an anti dry-fire mechanism that works quite
flawlessly. The over-molded foregrip keeps your fingers clear of the string.
This product is too good to use. The design is pretty simple and easy. It is lightweight and can
be easily carried. This subcompact baby is almost the perfect hunting companion. It’s small,
light, powerful, and accurate.
Killer Instinct SWAT Package is Super-compact at just 29 inches long and 14 inches wide axle-
it has a 2.5 pound trigger pull
it is  Fast, powerful, and accurate
considered as the most innovative design in the market.
there is no frontal heaviness at all
Killer Instinct SWAT Package is not available with a camo finish
The  illuminated scope only has red reticle dots, no green

7.Browning Zero 7-model 171 Crossbow

Browning Zero 7-model 171 Crossbow is the fastest and powerful crossbow. Browning has
been very innovative on the market.
Browning ships the package almost fully finished. So there is no much trouble in assembling.
The Browning OneSevenOne is considerably a pretty good model.
It includes a Cross 1.5–5x32mm illuminated scope which can be made adjustable with various

It is a powerful crossbow, and the weight is comparatively less. Even after loading all the
accessories the weight is less than ten pounds. And you will have no much trouble in carrying it.
The accuracy of the product is pretty good, as long as the scope is properly sighted in.
Browning Zero 7-model 171 Crossbow has a draw weight and your arrows downrange at 390
FTS. This speed is considered to be good in the market. Because the standard arrows of 400
grains will have 135-foot pounds of kinetic energy at that speed. Browning has a bit more speed
than to take down the meanest game of hunting.
Its 36.75 inches long and 19.875 inches axle-to- axle uncocked. And the weight is about 7.2 lbs.
It is really very quiet, so not to worry about missing the target while taking the shot. It uses the
TriggerTech ADF trigger. The triggers' three pound crisp and smooth pull. Firing experience with
this crossbow is more like using a rifle gun.
The safety design is really good here. Browning Zero 7-model 171 is a considerably safe
crossbow as long as the nock sensor doesn’t fail. It seems the product is out of trouble.
It has a soft touch foregrip which is designed to keep your fingers free of the string’s path. And
has an anti dry fire and safety mechanism which works perfectly.
The product offers a good warranty for the customer. It  warrants the stock, trigger mechanism,
and limbs of its crossbows for the lifetime of the original owner. But the Strings, cables, arrows,
and accessories (including the scope) are not covered by any warranty.
The scope included in the package is garbage, plain and simple. But the quality is not really
good, because it loses zero so easily.
Browning Zero 7-model 171 Crossbow is a good crossbow. It is simple but have some
The main features of browning is that it gives 390 feet per second with 135 ft. Lbs. of Kinetic
energy, 170 lb draw weight and 14.625-inch power stroke. It also includes Browning soft-sound
string suppressors, Browning rope cocking device, premium Browning quiver and 3 – 22-inch
carbon arrows.
It  features forged aluminum riser, soft-touch fore grip, left right and underside Pica tinny rails,
finger Guards, custom laminated limbs, and high end trigger
it is one of the Fast and powerful crossbow.
it has a Crisp TriggerTech trigger with a three-pound pull
it has an Innovative rail for rope-cocking device ensures an even, consistent pull
it also Includes three Picatinny rails for accessories
sometime Questionable safety after the recalls of Browning’s 2016 models
the Included scope does not hold zero
it Uses a non-standard 22-inch arrows

8.Barnet Outdoors Ghost  360 CRT

Introducing you a differently designed and good performing crossbow the Barnet Outdoors
Ghost  360 CRT. powered by Barnett, one of the leading crossbows manufactures. The Ghost
360 CRT is lightweight and efficient to use. And it provides you enough power and speed that a
hunter needs for a better hunting experience.
The main feature associated with the best crossbow is that it has to be lightweight. That is a
good crossbow should weigh less so that it can be able to carry anywhere. Barnet Outdoors
Ghost 360 CRT Weighing only 7 pounds this crossbow is easy to carry and handle, even for

younger archers. And it has a lightweight patented carbon riser which makes the Ghost 360
different from others. And this riser ensures the bow is lightweight enough, while still providing
plenty of stability when you are aiming at a target.
It has a camouflage print on the study limbs which helps you blend into your surroundings to
give you a slight edge over your target. It is lightweight and with a draw weight of 165 pounds.
And it has a plenty of power to bring down any game on the planet.
The crossbow is good in safety is designed with Barnett’s 5-in- 1 trigger system. And this
feature makes the Ghost 360 a special one from others. It has an anti dry trigger facility which
assures the safety that it prevents the trigger until the row is securely placed.
Ghost 360 has enough speed and kinetic energy you need to take down the biggest of the
biggest game on earth. It is specially designed to make perfect shots. The arrows of the product
release smoothly and quickly. This is done with the help of the aluminum machined raiser used
in it.
The maximum velocity of the arrow is 360 fps. and it is easy to take down a moving target with
this speed. It has a 165 pound of draw weight using this you are able to produce a kinetic
energy of up to 115 feet-pounds.
The drawback of this product is that it does not come with a dampening system. But it will not
broadly affect the actual performance of the bow. It is easy to add a dampener because of the
lightweight design.
The package of Barnet Outdoors Ghost 360 CRT includes everything you need in your hunting.
And due to its lightweight design, it is very easy to carry to place to place while hunting. It is safe
and very easy to maintain. It is composed of a 5 in 1 trigger system that will prevent misfires and
painful accidents. Ghost 360 is one that every hunter needs to try and it will never disappoint

Barnet Outdoors Ghost CRT is really lightweight and accurate.
It comes in a compact size so that it is very easy to carry.
The package includes Barnett's 5 in 1 safety firing system
It has an adjustable scope which  helps to ensure accuracy
There is not an included cocking mechanism, but one can be easily added for a small fee.

9.Excalibur Crossbow Null Matrix SMF Grizzly Crossbow

Next on the list is Excalibur Crossbow Null Matrix SMF Grizzly Crossbow. This one is compact
sized, well balanced, easy to use crossbows on the market. The crossbows powered by
Excalibur are known for its best quality. It is best for performance and durability.
Excalibur Crossbow Null Matrix SMF Grizzly Crossbow is affordable to simple people. So if you
want a crossbow of Excalibur company with a lesser price then this will be perfect, it comes at a
price that will fit most budgets It has all the features that are included in an Excalibur Crossbow.
it also provides a good accuracy to get your target. Accuracy is one important factor in shooting
and hunting. Excalibur always at its best in providing accuracy in all their products.
Matrix SMF Grizzly offers a smooth and efficient design built with high performance.  the frame
and limbs of it are sturdy and able to support the draw weight. It's not so heavy and very
comfortable to use.
The weight of the Matrix SMF Grizzly is just 5.5 pounds. And this weight is considered a good
weight to carry both for adults and teens. So this crossbow is just perfect for young arches also.

it provides powerful and accurate draws every time. It is accomplished by the sturdy frame
which is constructed from SMF composite materials. The limbs feature of this product is a
narrow 30-inch design. It is helpful in providing a smooth and straight path for your arrows. And
the CRT build is strong enough to support the 200-pound draw weight.
It comes in a compact size. That is easy to use in cramped spaces. This feature is one of the
best of crossbows. It is capable of a velocity up to 305 feet per second. This is considered as a
good speed in crossbows with a maximum draw weight of 200 pounds. With this, the hunter is
easy to get the target.
The bow which Matrix SMF Grizzly use is accurate and reliable. And it is very easy to load and
The main advantage of Matrix SMF Grizzly is that it offers most of all the features of good
quality. And that too within your budget. So you can enjoy a good time with it. This crossbow will
provide you all you wanted and its compact package will help you to carry it anywhere you want
Excalibur Crossbow Null Matrix SMF Grizzly Crossbow is good in all features. It’s a package of
quality and efficiency.
Excalibur Crossbow Null Matrix SMF Grizzly Crossbow comes in a very compact size that is
easy to use in cramped spaces.
It has a lightweight and well-balanced design
It also includes 4 bolts and attachable quiver.
It is extremely easy to assemble out of the box, you won't feel much trouble in assembling.
It includes a scope that is adjustable to ensure accuracy.
It offers great value for its cost
While the rails are not constructed from aluminum, the composite material still provides a well
balanced and lightweight design.

10.Wicked Ridge by TenPoint Invader G3

The last one on the list is Wicked Ridge by Ten Point Invader G3 crossbow. This package is
really good for hunters. It has a very lightweight design and offers a high performance and it will
fit your budget.
This is just amazing. It consists of an ACU-52™ self-retracting rope-cocking system. And this
cocking system helps the hunter cock the bow very easily. This product offers a hunter an
easier cocking ever. And this is the first quality to be noted in any crossbow.
Wicked Ridge by Ten Point Invader G3 crossbow comes with a unique design which consists of
a machined aluminum riser. This machined aluminum riser helps in reducing the weight and
increasing the strength of the crossbow.
It makes the product lightweight and easy to carry. So you can carry the crossbow along with
you in your hunting. Anywhere and everywhere.
It has a speed of 330 feet per second and has a draw weight of 165 lps. And it is considered to
be a good speed in crossbows. This speed is more enough to take down your target very
accurately. This crossbow assures you successful hunting every time.
Wicked Ridge by Ten Point Invader G3 crossbow has a long glass reinforced wings that are
specially designed for ensuring safety.  And is fitted with the stock above the grip. So the
product is hundred percent safe to use.

The trigger system of the crossbow is the main priority of a hunter. It is one of the important
features in a crossbow. And the trigger system with this product is a 3.5 lb T2™ trigger.
The invader G3 is also equipped with DynaFLIGHT 97 string and cables with tunable yokes.
Also has the new tactical black 12.3” WL12™ limbs, powered by a new Energy Wheel.

So the main features included in the package comprises in a Wicked Ridge by Ten Point
Invader G3 crossbow  are an invader G3 crossbow, ACU-52™ self-retracting rope-cocking
system, a machined aluminum riser, new tactical-black 12.3” WL12™ limbs powered by a new
Energy Wheel™ equipped with DynaFLIGHT 97 string and cables with tunable yokes, new
pass-through fore-grip, longer  glass reinforced nylon safety wings fitted on the stock above the
grip and a 3.5 lb T2™ trigger system.

Wicked Ridge by Ten Point Invader G3 crossbow is a package of qualities. It has a great speed
of 330 foot per second and a draw weight of 165 lbs. The energy of the invader G3 is 96.7 ft-lbs
and a 19 inches of Axle-to- Axle (cocked).
This product is too good for hunters because it has a high performance and has a lightweight
design. It also best in safety features. And it really fits in your budget.
Wicked Ridge by Ten Point Invader G3 crossbow offers the best high-end performance
The cocking system included in it is easier to use than ever
It has a specially designed machined aluminum riser
It is lightweight and with increased strength
The strategically placed cutouts for reduced weight and increased strength
Longer, glass reinforced nylon safety wings fitted on the stock above the grip
No cons found

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