Best Gaming Keyboards in 2020

If you are having a great craze in gaming and you are using your keyboard as the controller more than a typing device. If you are concerned about PC gaming and you need to know the Best gaming keyboards in the market and their features and what makes them different from each other.

We introduce you 10 best gaming keyboards and a short description of them for you. The gaming keyboard is always different from your normal keyboards, They will always use cherry MX red switches or cherry MX black switches according to the mode of the game.

The mechanical switches in the gaming keyboard will pair to its own spring-loaded switch.

List of best gaming keyboard in 2019

Product name Feature Price
CORSAIR K95 RGB PLATINUM 2.92 pounds check price
Logitech Gaming Keyboard G110 3.3 pounds check price
HyperX Alloy Elite RGB 3.3 pounds check price
XTRFY K2 3.35 pounds check price
Logitech G513 RGB 1.11 pounds check price
CORSAIR k70 RGB 2.65 pounds check price
Razer BlackWidow Chroma V2 3.88 pounds check price
SteelSeries Apex M750 3.1 pounds check price
CORSAIR STRAFE RGB 4.01 pounds check price
Logitech G613 LIGHTSPEED 3.1 pounds check price


 CORSAIR is an American computer peripheral and hardware company. The company mainly concentrate on computer peripherals. The product is meant for peoples to carry a hefty price tag. The K95 is been installed with cherry MX speed silver switches, these switches which have a reduced actuation point. The CORSAIR K95 RGB is suited for games that require a nimbler response.

The keyboard is meant for the game lovers who look for high performance rather than an economic one. The speculation behind the high price is the quality and features of the keyboard. CORSAIR K95 is completely worth the money you spend to buy it. The Corsair k95 is purely aesthetic.


The CORSAIR K95 is having an aircraft grade anodized brushed aluminum frame. The aluminum frame gives them a higher lifespan. They are having light weight and rugged durability so you can carry them along with you and it is easy to handle. The keyboard comes in two different colors matte black and gunmetal.

The platinum CORSAIR K95 utilize a standard 104 key layout. The keyboard is having six macro keys stationed along the left side of the keyboard which is used for mapping additional functions. The trio of buttons lets you switch between onboard profiles, adjust backlighting brightness, and disable the Windows key.

The keyboards consist of a row of dedicated media controls.

CORSAIR K95 is slightly different from the previous models. It changes from a domed shape to something resembling a more traditional keycap. Typically bigger keys (spacebar, shift, enter, backspace, Numpad 0, Numpad enter) have stabilizers to keep the keys balanced as you press either one side of the key. So they will feel slightly different.

The CORSAIR K95 give the frame a wide berth, leaving some places for typical keyboard detritus to collect which is completely different from the membrane or recessed keys are seen on daskeyboard or cherry MX board. The keyboard is only having a weight of 3 pounds and is of 7 inches height, 18 inches width, and 2 inches depth so that it is easy to carry.

The keyboard is designed with a reversible wrist rest which is not lavish as the padded leatherette finish seen in some Razer models. It offers the option of switching between a smooth or textured finish.

The keyboard is installed with a USB port at the top, The CORSAIR K95 does not provide the audio jack facility. The dimensions of the K95 Platinum are where it most obviously diverges from previous designs by reducing the overall size and weight by removing excessive macro keys.

The font provided on the keycaps is wider compared with previous Corsair models. The transparent characters used in the keyboard uses full advantage of the tremendous amount of RGB lighting effects. While the lighting options of K95 platinum remain virtually unchanged from the K95 Vengeance.

The CORSAIR Platinum K95 does feature an additional light bar on the top of the frame. Platinum K95 has a transparent Corsair logo along the top edge of the chassis. The Platinum comes with a dedicated function key. This is exceptionally handy if you frequently swap your keyboard between machines, allowing the K95 to retain macros and lighting preferences.

The Cherry MX Speed Silver switches used in Platinum CORSAIR K95 are a linear switch design similar to the widely popular Cherry MX Reds. The Silver switches’ used in the keyboard reduce travel distance and results in quick, snappy keystrokes.

The CORSAIR K95 give you reliable responses to your rapid inputs seamlessly and deliver some of the smoothest inputs compared to any gaming keyboard.



 The CORSAIR K95 consists of six programmed G keys. You can assign the complex functions into those keys. The programmed keys are made different from other keys so that it can be identified easily and so you will not accidentally press them.

The CORSAIR K95 is completely independent of other software. Eight MB onboard profile access up to three stored profiles on the go. The CORSAIR K95 offers you nontransferable warranty.

The windows key lock button provided on the top of the keyboard ensures you an interruption-free gaming.
The CUE support in the keyboard enables you sophisticated macro programming and dynamic, multicolor lighting effects.

CORSAIR platinum K95 consist of detachable, dual-sided, soft-touch wrist rest provides two different surfaces for optimal comfort

The cherry MX brown used in previous models of the CORSAIR is standard mechanical keys with a sound similar to the classic mechanical clack but without the stiff spring resistance. The CHERRY MX speed used in the CORSAIR K95 is still mechanical but has a shorter travel distance so you can potentially hit keys slightly faster.

The speed difference is trivial for 99% of people, however, so it’s more about the feel and whether or not your fingers get fatigued by long travel distances. Basically, if you want the full mechanical experience, go with brown/blue/red, but if you prefer the feel of a shallower keyboard like you’d find on a laptop, for example, you might like the speed better.

I personally prefer the brown because I like standard full keystrokes over the membrane keys on a laptop, but everyone is different.

The keyboard is made of high quality, it does have more of a tapping noise compared to other keyboards but it’s not annoying or unpleasant in my view. In fact, I find it satisfying in a way as it’s not like when you use a mobile and have a noise click, it’s more of an enhanced tap, sorry I can’t really explain myself.

I chose this keyboard because I am both a typist and a gamer and I find it satisfies both quite nicely. Might pay to see if you can find a mechanical keyboard somewhere to trial.

  • The aircraft-grade anodized brushed aluminum frame which increases the lifespan of the keyboard
  • 8MB profile storage
  • Dynamic multicolor per key backlighting with Light Edge
  • 100% CHERRY MX Speed RGB mechanical key switches
  • 6 programmable G-keys keys for in-game macros
  • No audio jack facility is provided.
  • The K95 is installed with the complicated software.
  • Expensive.


2.Logitech Gaming Keyboard G110

 Call it old, but the Logitech G110 was built on the backs of giants. First released back in January 2010, Logitech’s entry-level G-series gaming keyboard succeeded the popular G11 and G15.

Today the newly arrived mechanical keyboards in the market hype have pinched the Logitech G110 has an aging design, but it has found that the new place in a gaming keyboard market which is increasing its crowd day to day alongside its more expensive siblings, the G19, the G510, and the newly released G710+.

$79.99 premium keyboard, the G110 cannot be regarded as a budget gaming keyboard nowadays.

Costing just $59.99 shipped on Amazon or $62.99 shipped on Newegg at the time of writing.

Every once in a while you are able to catch a really good deal on the new Logitech G110 gaming keyboard as in the past the Logitech G110 could be had for $32 after a rebate! With prices that low it makes this keyboard a safe and inexpensive purchase for the gamer looking to beef up that gaming system with a keyboard that has some pretty decent features.

It then comes as no surprise then that the G110 has endured and continues to be relevant.


  •  Custom-color backlit keys
  • Integrated USB audio
  • 12 programmable G-keys
  • High-speed USB 2.0 hub port
  • Game Mode Switch
  • 1-year warranty

The new gaming Logitech G110 keyboard arrives with the concept of traditional 104-key layout, which means there is no learning curve that you must master before being able to use it! TheLogitech G110 arrives with a custom-color backlighting that will help you to locate the right keys for gaming and typing in the dark and this quality makes the keyboard user-friendly.

Plus, you can configure up to 12 programmable keys that each support 3 macros, so you have a total of 36 custom key functions that you can program thanks to macros. You also have integrated audio support thanks to separate headphone and mic jacks!

Logitech G110 arrived with a mute button on the keyboard which helps to mute the game when necessary, but then again the better as this is a gaming keyboard! You should be able to plug in any analog headset with 3.5 mm plugs into the keyboard and begin gaming!

Logitech very good brand and has a very good history of producing computer peripherals especially keyboards that aid, rather than hinder, frustration-free interaction with one’s computer. I used a G15 for several years before finally upgrading to a Microsoft SideWinder X6, after it suffered an untimely death at the hands of a cup of coffee.

I still regard the Logitech G15 as one of the finest keyboards in the market today and the G110 follows in its footsteps admirably.

The G110 packs its fair share of features. There’s a USB port on the back, but more interesting are the microphone and headphone inputs. The G110 includes built-in USB audio processing, letting you hook up a set of headphones and a microphone (or a combined headset, of course) without the need for a soundcard.

while going through the other competing models of the gaming keyboard our technical team is not entirely convinced this is a particularly worthwhile addition. The quality seemed to be as good as the Realtek chip on the motherboard of our technical team use, but that comparison betrays the flaw: most PCs already have audio processing.

 It’s only potential benefits are in bypassing integrated audio that’s of particularly poor quality, but this is an increasingly rare problem these days. Unless you have a specific need for it, then it’s hard to justify the cost.

Logitech G110 has installed with macro and multimedia keys and these provide you with different functions. On the far upper right sit play/pause, stop forward and back buttons, with a mute button and a volume wheel placed beneath them.

Leftwards is provided with a form of a toggle for the keyboard’s backlight so you can turn it off and on when you’re watching a movie or playing a game, for example, and farther left are separate mute buttons for attached headphones and microphones these help you to have a control over the sound system of the keyboard. These functions make the Logitech G10 worth for the money.

The combination of three M- and 12 G-keys of the keyboard means that you shouldn’t suffer any lack of customizable buttons and makes the keyboard more easy to use. In all likelihood those three M-keys will end up assigned to different games – M1 for Team Fortress 2, M2 for Bad Company 2, M3 for Modern Warfare 2, in my case.

The main advantage of the Logitech G110’s configuration is the utility that lets you set a different backlight color makes the keyboard more interesting – this can be made by mixing red and blue according to you wish – for each of these keys, just so you can be sure which is activated at a given point.

Also useful if you tend to attach the same peripherals to multiple computers frequently (and who doesn’t?), profile settings are stored on the G110, so you can take your preferences with you to a mate’s house, or LAN center, should you be so inclined.

The wrist wrests provided along with the keyboard attaches and detaches easily enough and extrudes far enough to actually be of use. It’s ultimately just a piece of plastic, though, so it’s not the most comfortable thing to slump your lower arm on for long periods of time.

If you need a rest, you’re better off buying a decent ergonomic one as it’ll be better for you in the long run. The sturdy build quality and great tactile feel make that a worthwhile investment.
On the subject of comfort, it must be said that the G110’s keys have an excellent action.

  • Customizable backlighting
  •  Dedicated macro keys
  • Onboard USB audio device
  • Convenient media keys
  • Fairly balanced set of features
  • Intuitive creation of powerful macros
  • Gaming Mode switch disables the Windows key
  • Sensible keyboard layout with media controls
  • Built-in USB audio for headsets
  • Connected by a single USB cable
  • Backlighting is brighter than the G1
  • Overpriced
  • Cheap poly-dome switches
  • Hard wristpad
  • Mediocre build quality
  • Has the tactile feel of an entry-level keyboard
  • Custom backlighting limited to shades of blue and red
  • Hole in Numpad creates a backlighting hot zone


3.HyperX Alloy Elite RGB

 The company has started releasing the mechanical keyboard recently and so they add more features with each new keyboard to compete with other gaming keyboards on the recent market and the new hyperX alloy Elite RGB is added with pretty much functions.

The Hyper Alloy Elite RGB is a fetching and stylish keyboard. It has its own unique customization options. It is an excellent and anticipating keyboard and worthy of praise.

The Alloy Elite RGB is having a pretty good balance between appearance and functionality. The Elite RGB is installed with a metal frame and high-quality mechanical keys and has a pleasing and industrial appearance. You are been provided with three buttons on the top in addition to full complement keys.

The three keys provided have different functions of brightness, on-board profiles, and game mode.

The discrete media control is provided at the top right of the keyboard. The keyboard is also installed with a USB port and eight extra keycaps they are W, A, S, D,1,2,3,4 and a keycap puller. All the facilities provided are needed for you and nothing are unwanted.

The keyboard is been made at a comfortable dimension, At 17.5×6.5×1.0 inches and it is small and light compared to its competition model. The company also provides you with the different additional function such as detachable wrist rest, it is quite easy and user-friendly.

The Alloy Elite RGB is the first hyperx keyboard to use the required software and you are also provided with a backlighting to make it user-friendly. The company still needs the iron out a fair number of kinks in the Elite RGB even though the NGenuity software is competent.

The keyboard is already placed with 3 profiles and all these profiles are just plain red light across the board. The company allows you to either make new ones or to edit them but not as easy as it sounds.

The customize option allows you to alter the light, the game mode options, but you can’t set up profiles or links those profiles with other programs. To do that you should need to select the unmarked edit button on the bottom in the main menu.

The hyperx is not very consistent about when it keeps lighting patterns that you have programmed. At the time of setting up of the color pattern you are made to use presets, zones or freestyle and if you toy around with these and then return to the main menu- even though you don’t click on the apply button the keyboard will default to the setting you experimented with last.

The programmed freestyle pattern replaced with a single solid color across the board.

If you have used a cherry MX brown keyboard before then you will already understand that the alloy elite RGB has the excellent in-game performance comparing it with the other keyboards. Before preparing the review we experimented with Starcraft and middle earth to determine how responsive and accurate the keys were.

The hyperx Alloy Elite RGB is been having some bonus points for offering you preset key colors for a variety of games, including Path of Exile and World of Warcraft.

The HyperX Alloy Elite is a stylish, excellent and colorful peripheral with sleek aesthetics and top of the line key switches. The keyboard is been installed with unoptimized software and that keeps the keyboard from reaching from the upper echelons of gaming keyboard greatness, but this HyperX comes pretty darn close.

 The Ally Elite RGB is comparable to the RZER BLACK WINDOW, CORSAIR K70 and LOGITECH G810 ORION SPECTRUM in case of the price.

The HyperX Alloy Elite RGB offers you a variety of features which make it in the top list and they are Cherry MX keys, discrete media controls, and swappable keycaps. The software and lighting options provided in the Elite HyperX RGB are quite robust enough to unseat the corsair.

The weakest points in the HyperX Alloy Elite RGB is its software. Now, being fair to you, the most gaming keyboard software is about as enjoyable to use as a tax preparation app. The programs like Razer Synapse are getting a tad more usable these days, while the HyperX Ngenuity program is kind of a frustrating mess.

From the get-go, it’s clear the software is still in its infancy in terms of user interface and functionality. 10 minutes were spent in order to just figuring out how to open the lighting presets. There is some horrid comedic irony in HyperX naming this software Ngenuity.

After analyzing how to customize the lighting, there is a small list of the usual presets that effects such as wave, breathing, and static lighting effects. The main menu provided allows you three lighting configurations per profile, and after staring at the screen for another 10 minutes, you’ll realize you can drag-and-drop those into the appropriate menu and switch them on the fly with the previously mentioned button.

The customized lighting setups are possible in the Elite RGB, and it is more or less easy to apply, and by assigning configurations to zones or even to individual keys under the “Free Style” menu.

As expected, the Cherry MX switches in the HyperX Alloy Elite RGB are perfect for gaming. The brown switches written in the review unit offers you a nice tactile feel and great actuation, regardless of the game. The narrow keycaps installed in the gaming keyboard are not great for typing.

The concave faces of the keyboard are excellent while blindly hunting for a key while gaming.

While using the Elite RGB for playing the first-person shooter like Disney two the textured WASD keys are easily acquired.

  • The keyboard is of reasonably priced and fully featured
  • The keyboard is installed with authentic Cherry MX keys
  • The keyboard is having great performance
  • It is installed with lengthy and braided USB cord
  • It consists of different dedicated media keys and volume wheel
  • No macro programming
  • Garnish backlighting
  • No mic/headphone ports
  • Uncomfortable hard-plastic wrist rest



 The XTRFY K2 boasts that it’s the “world’s fastest keyboard,” but you may be wondering what the heck that even means. It will be discussed later, but in simple terms, the XTRFY K2 promises exceptional performance and a top-notch typing experience. This is one of the best keyboards I’ve ever used from my personal experience.
The K2 is added with a lot of features which makes it user-friendly.

There is no software available to provide a more graphic way to change the K2 according to your preferences because all of these features are configured directly through the keyboard. Since there’s lots of stuff to play around with, especially when it comes to the background lighting you might feel a bit difficult.

However, you may feel it much convenient after reading the manual a few times and just playing around with the settings for a while.

The biggest advantage is that you are able to take the keyboard with you anywhere, and to any computer, not having to install any software just so that I can re-program it if needed. It’s all saved in the keyboards built-in memory. Neither will I ever need to install a software just so that I can access my macros, something that pro players should be able to benefit from.

technical specifications of a keyboard:

  • The available layouts — Nordic, UK, German.
  • Illumination — RGB, 16.8 million colors.
  • Keys — Standard 105.
  • Keycap layout — Step Scalpture2 Type.
  • The anti-ghosting — Unlimited USB & and PS/2 N-Key rollover.
  • The key switches — Mechanical Kailh Red RGB.
  • The special keys and shortcuts used in the keyboard — Media controls, gaming mode key, macro keys, the
  • illumination setting keys, quick access to Google, Facebook, HLTV, Steam and other websites.
  • Connection — USB, PS/2 (PS/2 adapter included).
  • Weight — 44 ounces (1.25 kg).
  • Size — 440 mm x 140 mm x 35 mm
  • Cable — Two meters, braided.
  • Warranty: 1 year

The response time from the XTRFYK2 is the fastest and incredible gaming keyboard. XTRFY K2 is one of the mechanical keyboards with that satisfying clack as the keys press, you only have to glance over the keys to get your desired action and so is known as one of the best gaming keyboards.

XTRFY K2 is one of the mechanical keyboards which is quieter and you’ll come across because you barely have to press each key to get a response. So your fingers can glide effortlessly across the keyboard.

The functions featured on the XTRFYK2 could be found with the earlier models XG1-R LED. Unlimited anti-ghosting, built-in support for macros and an unnecessary amount of possibilities when it comes to the lightning. The keyboard consists of 1.7 meters braided cable, but the K2 doesn’t feature a removable cable as the XG1-R LED does which actually can be a pretty neat feature.

However, you are able to choose between three different canals on the bottom of the keyboard on which you can run the cable through so that it fits your setup perfectly.

The K2 weighs 50 gram less than the XG1-R LED the previous model, giving it a total weight of 1.25 kg. This fact, together with the rubber feet, sees to it so that the K2 lay still both directly on your desk as well as on a desk size mouse pad.

The new feature added with the XTRFY K2 is the switches installed in the keyboard. The MX switches from cherry are been replaced by the red RGB from kaihl. The technology team of our group has analyzed about the Kaihls switches. They are designed to directly mimic the cherry.

After taking a survey from the users the technical group comes with a conclusion that the Kaihl switches might not be having a life period long as cherry counterparts.

The users of the XTRFYK2 is offered one year warranty for the keyboard. The Kaihl, manufacturer of the switches only offer you a lifespan of 60 million clicks. The new production K2 from the XTRFY family has also arrived with a hefty price tag. The XTRFYK2 is I the same price range of the Corsair K70 RGB and razer black window chroma.

In the comparison with the other keyboard, K2 is by the most compact, the K2 also offers the same feature as the other.

 After the cross analysis wee feel like the keyboard is quite nice, especially for those people who need an extravagant design. Since all the settings are controlled and sorted by the keyboard and so it is perfect for those who move around with their keyboard between multiple computers. The same feature said before can be found discomfort to those people who prefer accompanying software with a good, graphical interface.

The company has tried to include maximum features in the XTRFYK2 with a good quality of the previous model of XTRFY and make the XTRFYK2 in the eight score.

In the case of the XTRFYK2 instead of accessing an application on your computer, you have to execute a series of the key combination to set up the macros or to change the lighting and it sounds like it is very easy but in practice, it is much difficult for us.

The function key located at the center. Holding the function key down will show you what lighting mode you are currently in. And it is easy enough to turn off the lights.

As a game lover, you will definitely love the keyboard and feel it comfortable to use. The design of the keyboard is such that it makes a gamer feel better. The backlight of the keyboard makes it more stylish.

  • The XTRFYK2 consist of comprehensive macro function
  • The XTRFYK2 is of plain design
  • The keyboard is made of high build quality
  • The company provides an impressive LED backlight to the keyboard
  • The keyboard can be used in different computers because everything stored in the keyboard
  • currently only available with red switches.
  • might be tricky to learn in the beginning.
  • The price tag

5.Logitech G513 RGB

 The Logitech G413 was one of the most rating favorite budget gaming keyboards of yesteryear. Now the Logitech G513 has arrived. The Logitech G513 include different features such as palm rest, RGB lighting and a set linear switch which make it best.

The features added to the keyboard makes it fully featured keyboard and this lead it to be the one with the streamlined frame.

Comparing the Logitech G513 with the Logitech 413 you will not find any major changes. It is still an incredible compacted keyboard made of the rigid plastic frame and an aircraft -grade 5052 aluminum to serve as its top plate.
Fingerprint magnet is the worlds most brushed metal finishes.

The Logitech G513 blend of aluminum and magnesium is found to be engineered to repel the fingerprint magnets. The keyboard is having the frameless design and these type of design features floating keycaps that make cleaning up dust and food crumbs with a can of compressed air.

AS mentioned before the Logitech G513 introduce you a new type of customizable, per-key lighting system. The manufacturer had made the backlight bright and vibrant and that makes you easy to play the games in dark and it is one of the best parts of the 0building quality.

The leatherette palm rest provided on the keyboard is also a welcome addition and make the keyboard user-friendly to you. It’s padded with memory foam and is large enough to support all types of hand sizes. The keyboard is having a huge weight compared to other competing models of the other companies and so it is difficult to place in, magnets, as utilized in the Razer BlackWidow Chroma V2, would have done a much better job of keeping it secured to the peripheral.

This time also the Logitech disappointed us because the Logitech G513 is also not having the function keys and nondedicated media control buttons.

By comparing with the different type of the switches we will understand that the Romer-G Linear switch feels firm but without introducing too much resistance. Also, thank the boxy nature of the underlying mechanism. Every key press actuates evenly and comes to a nearly silent stop.

While talking about the biggest difference between this keyboard and its predecessor is it commemorates the introduction of Logitech’s Romer-G Linear switch and these make it unique. Up until now, the peripheral’s maker’s only proprietary key switch has been a tactile one.

The main advantage is that Logitech promises its new Romer-G Linear switch will deliver a quieter and 25% faster keystroke than its leading competitors in the available market. After using the keyboard for a week straight, you will feel that the peripheral maker has fully delivered on its claims and developed a key switch that’s better than the Cherry MX Red switch.

The main advantage of the Logitech G513 is that it will feel faster while gaming. Along with the fast in gaming, you will also enjoy the typing. The Logitech G513 is the best model that has been introduced by the company comparing to the previous model and it is best for both typing and gaming.

The first impression of the Logitech G513 keyboard is that it’s a well-built gaming keyboard. The brushed aluminum deck of the Logitech G513 gaming keyboard has a has a pleasant, textured finish that adds a sophisticated look to the overall package and makes them stylish.

Unlike some metal top plates, it’s not a fingerprint magnet and the floating, matte black keycaps look great against the base.

The Logitech G513 gaming keyboard is a full-size keyboard with a number pad, it’s not a desk-hogging behemoth, either. Comparing with other models virtually there is no wasted space, as the top plate’s edges run close to the keycaps on all sides.

 Comparing with the old Logitech G413, the newly arrived gaming keyboard Logitech G513 Carbon comes packed with a very pleasant wrist rest. The “leatherette” surface of the keyboard is packed with memory foam and the result is extremely comfortable to use; kind of like a soft pillow for your wrists or palms which makes you comfortable, but it is not quite as luxurious as the wrist rest on the Razer BlackWidow V2.

The wrist rest provided along the keyboard is not attached to the keyboard, which is handy mans if you’re not interested in using it or want to move it back a bit to compensate for larger hands you are able to do it, it is not fixed to the keyboard. That said, the lack of magnets or clips to keep the rest in place means it has an annoying tendency to slip out of position on occasion despite rubber feet on the underside of the pad.

The problem is commonly noticed by the users in the Logitech G513 is lack of dedicated media keys or volume wheel on the G513. The keyboard’s array of function keys do offer media control to you. The other secondary actions provided by the keyboard include a key to cycle lighting effects and brightness, and to switch on a customizable game mode. The customizable game mode prevents errant Windows key presses.

As I’ll discuss later, the Logitech Gaming Software is still the preferred means for tweaking presets, but it is nice to have some functionality on-the-fly via the function keys instead of needing to do it all in software.

The keycaps on the G513 Carbon have a comfortable, soft-touch finish. Key spacing felt great while typing, and I rarely produced any errors while typing out long strings of text.

The floating design of the keyboard makes it attractive. Since the keycaps are solid and there will be no cheap-feeling, wiggling keys on the G513. Considering the larger keycaps, like the spacebar, in particular, will not suffer from wobble when you are in the high peak of game mode and hitting one side of the bar. The Logitech has also included a set of replacement keycaps for the WASD keys as well as the Q, E, R, and 1 through 5 keys.

  • Romer-G Linear superior to Cherry MX Red
  • Plush palm rest included
  • RGB lighting is brilliant
  • Pricier than last year’s
  • USB pass-through still USB 2.0
  • No dedicated media shortcuts


 CORSAIR is an American computer peripheral and hardware company. The company mainly concentrate on computer peripherals. The product is meant for peoples to carry a hefty price tag.

The CORSAIR K70 RGB is made in a dimension of 18.6×8.3 inches. It is a bit bigger than its predecessors K70 which is of the size 17.2×8.3 inches. Even though there is a change in the size of the keyboard both the keyboard seems to be identical. The size of the keyboard is perfectly reasonable and so it will suit to any desk.

The keyboard mirrors its non-RGB counterpart in almost every way. The keys allowed to the keyboard are smooth and black in color. The wrist rest provided are large in size and textured and the keyboard does not allow s[pecial rows for macro keys.

Corsair K70 consists of a colorful LED backlight. The K70 RGB new mechanical keyboard of the Corsair features a customizable backlighting. It also gives you 16.8 million colors options per key. The standard Corsair K70 had only a red backlight which was described as garish. The Corsair K70 RGB allows you to customize lighting of individual keys instead of choosing one color for the entire setup.

The main advantage of the keyboard is that it has the ability to choose a distinct color illumination for each key and it is a gorgeous option provided to you. As I mentioned the feature help us in having a stylish outlook on your keyboard. Instead of the white or red, you may have a variety color for your keyboard and it can be based on the game or your preference. It also makes you easy to select the keys.

-If you had used the standard K70 then you can notice that the new K79 RGB is similar to the standard K70. The K70 RGB consists of a full keyboard layout without any additional keys for the macros. The keyboard has arrived with a separate button to adjust the level of the illumination, to select the game mode, and to set the media controls. The K70 RGB is been installed with a volume slider which makes it easy instead of using two separate buttons for volume up and down.

The thing you miss about the original is that even it comes with textured alternatives for the W, A, S, D and arrow keys. Unless you buy third-party keys K70 RGB is stuck with smooth and black keys. The keys feel more comfortable compared to the previous model.

The K770 RGB is a mechanical gaming keyboard. The K70 comes in three certified cherry MX flavors: Red, Brown, Blue. The three colors have its own functions. The Red switches are quiet and pliable. The blue switches are noisy and resistant, and the Browns offer a pleasant middle ground.

While talking about the typist, they should note that the CORSAIR K70 RGB is at least as good as whatever membrane keyboard you are using now. While testing was done by our typists it was found that K70RGB was able to type 90 words with 0 percentage error at the same time the Dell office model was only able to make 89 words with 1 percent error.
The most important change that can be found in the K70 RGB from K70 is that

The biggest change from the K70 to the K70 RGB is Corsair’s new software, the CUE system. This is also where I ran into the most problems. Corsair’s software was always a little impenetrable at the best of times, but the CUE breaks new ground in just how confusing and user-unfriendly a keyboard interface can be.

The action tab is the tab where you are able to create hotkey shortcuts and the lighting tab helps you to create the lighting effect. The setting tab makes you tweak the keyboards individual program setting.

Th software in the keyboard is much powerful and the users can create fantastic lighting effects. but in case of the average gamer who use membrane board will likely be difficult to use.

You feel the handling of the K70 RGB as a dream at the time of gaming. You can try the peripheral with the newly updated games like Titanfall, StarCraft 2 etc. The keys of the new K70 RGB is comfortable and stood up fine to vigorous and repeated use.

 While considering the switches the K70 RGB is been installed with Red Cherry MX switches, You are available with other options in the Corsair’s website, but we feel that Red Cherry MX keys are best for day to day gaming and typing.
The Red Cherry MX switches used in the keyboard features you smoother and quieter typing experience while comparing with the blue or brown switch counterparts. The matt finish provides more stylish and comfortable experience. The material used for the keys does a superb job of keeping fingerprints or smudge from sticking to the keys.

The keyboard is been installed with a sturdy palm rest and a hefty 2.63-pound chassis. While analyzing the keyboard you can understand that there nothing to knock in terms of the built-in quality.

You may feel jarring while seeing the price tag of the keyboard, it is actually competitive with other manufacturers. While looking at similar products Razer Chroma $169, Logitech G910 $179. This means if you are in search of the keyboard with 16.8 million different colors, you should need to be prepared to spend.

The only criticism we noticed while using is that the keyboard lack on the fly macro recording and so you should always have to memorize timing very well or you should use the second monitor if you want to record or assign the macros with the CUE software.


  • Actuation: 65 g
  • Key Travel: 4 mm
  • In-Key Rollover: >10
  • Size: 17.1 x 8.3 x 1.4 inches
  • Weight: 2.64 pounds


  • The K70 RGB is made up of great build quality
  • The keyboard is matte black finish and so it looks so stylish
  • The keyboard is been installed with Cherry MX Red switches
  • You are provided with sturdy palm rest to make you more comfortable
  • The keyboard is having a difficult software suite

7.Razer BlackWidow Chroma V2

 The Razer Blackwidow Chroma V2 is a mechanical keyboard. The keyboard is been retained with all the premium features for gamers. The Razer’s Black window mechanical keyboard is already fairly synonymous with the pc gaming and the new product black window version 2 is best compared to the previous model. Three variety flavors of proprietary switches are been offered in the keyboard by the Razer.

The new Black window version two include a set of upgrades over the existing black window chroma. The upgrade includes a different font, body, keycap, LED indicator panel, and finally a wrist rest. Rather than the gamer font in previous models, the new model is having a font with a more professional look.

The built-in quality of the keyboard is high and so the sturdy plastic body will not show any flex, and so it will be having a longer lifetime. The new matt coating provided on the keyboard chassis will keep away oil stains from the keycaps. While considering the keycaps, the stem of the cap is not thick enough and it doesn’t provide a snug fit on the switches.

The upgrade from the previous model includes the cushioned wrist rest that attaches with the keyboard through the magnets.

The Blackwidow Chroma V2 is a full-size keyboard. Since it is having an under deck metal part it will be having a reasonable weight. The chroma V2 feels like it is sturdy to a serious beating and the built-in quality of the keyboard is much excellent. Under the keycaps, you can see RGB lighting and Razers yellow switches.

Our technician unit had the Ezer green switches underneath which were tactile and Cherry MX Blues. The Black window version 2 consist of the Orange and Yellow switch. The technical groups give you a warranty that you will not feel any lag or ghosting while playing the games. The extra buttons provided at the left of the keyboard is used to assign macros and even shortcuts for the daily usage.

Yellow switches of the razor are been said as the “linear and silent” switches” and it is almost true. comparing the Cherry MX Reds and Cherry MX Speed switches, the razer yellow switches are super fast and smooth to use. The keys can move up and down within 1.2 mm actuation point which is same as cherry MX speed. If you are typist you may feel distance is too short.

The new software Razer Synapse has a revamped interface. The new product gives you easier navigation control over keyboard setting and lighting. There are no multimedia buttons on the keyboard because its price range is less. the keyboard with same price range will not be having a multi-media switch.

The Black Window Version 2 have five macro keys on the left side. They are easily programmable. They are close to the basic keys and it can cause accident presses. The black window V2 consists of a function based keypress to record macros on-the-fly.

The Razer always arrives with expensive premium products whether it is keyboards, mice or headsets. Ther product will always be having premium features that we want in our gaming keyboard. The Black Window Chroma K2 arrives with different updates that satisfy the users. They try their best to overcome the difficulties mentioned by the users who used their previous model chroma. The keyboard is also best and outstanding in the terms performance and built-in quality.

The Chroma Black Window Version 2 has several changes from its previous model of the chroma. In the older model, the LED indicator was placed above the top cover of the keyboard in the new Chroma Version 2 they have been given a dedicated area at the same spot. In the original chroma version 2 they were lighter but in the new model gaming keyboard, Black Window V2 is brighter.

While considering the material which it is made the top cover of the chassis is more smudge proof than the previous models. The keycap coating of the keyboard remains the same. Th mic port which was seen in the keyboard was removed from the keyboard but at the same time, the 3.5 mm headphone and USB port been retained. The gold plated USB connectors used in the original Chroma was dropped into the Chroma 2.

If you are concerned about the font used in the keyboard the Razer has updated it into much more neutral one in the new product Chroma Version 2. Changing the font resulted in backlighting to appear slightly dimmer than the original one. They Chroma Version two is entirely different as it supports new switch whereas the original Chroma doesn’t support another switch.

The cushioned magnetic wrist rest provided can be easily attached or detached from the keyboard. The feature makes it highly appreciatable is its magnetic wrist rest which is cushioned.
After cross analysis, the review group found no issue with gaming. The keyboard is been added with ten key rollovers which should be enough because you are not going to use more than 10 keys.

During the keyboard ghosting demonstration, it has been found that keyboard could register up to 14 keys at a time. Razer Synapse software helps to programme the macro keys easily. The new and updated software makes it easier to navigate and use.

The Black Window Chroma 2 is a productive keyboard that can be used for both the gaming as well as for typing. The features of re-programmable buttons can be applied to shortcuts and tasks. Mouse functions, launching programs, windows shortcuts, etc. presets are already added to the software. These features help you to launch your default browser, music player or browser. You are also free to assign profiles and lighting mode instead of going to the software and changing them.

  • Specifications of the Chroma Version 2:
  • Size of the keyboard: Standard, Numpad included
  • Keyboard backlighting: RGB LED
  • Switch type: Mechanical (Razer Green 80-million lifecycle)
  • Polling rate: 1,000Hz (1 ms)
  • Key-rollover: N-key rollover
  • Interface: USB 2.0
  • Dimensions: Width – 47.5 cm, Length – 17.1 cm, Height – 3.9 cm
  • Cable length: 2m
  • Weight: 1.5 kg
  • Sturdy body
  • Easy-to-use software
  • Extra macro keys
  • Expensive
  • No multimedia buttons

8.SteelSeries Apex M750

 In recent years the Steel Series has increased in its hardware production. The Steel Series has added new headset, mice, and keyboard to its table. Apex M750 is the next step of evolution in esport keyboards by SteelSeries. The SteelSeries Apex M750 is sleek, streamlined and well competitive for the play. While comparing with other types of keyboards of the same price range the Apex M750 is really the best product that the SteelSeries offers you.

The ApexM750 consist of discrete media keys, wrist rest or detailed lighting option.

The Apex M750 is a large flagship keyboard, and it’s set to take on Corsair, Razer, and Asus ROG. The Apex M750 is installed with new and exclusive key switch, the SteelSeries Apex M750 manages to set itself apart from the competition, with rich and vibrant RGB lighting integration merely sweetening the pot. SteelSeries Apex M750 always try to impose the missing features that are merely nice to have on cheaper ‘boards stick out like a sore thumb.

That’s not to say this isn’t a good keyboard – the missing features won’t matter to everybody – but as a value-for-money proposition, it’s hard to overlook.

The main thing the Apex M7590 focus is the look and appearance of the keyboard. The keyboard seems to be compact in size compared with the competitor with of the same price range, but there is no missing of any keys the keyboard is installed with the same number of the keys. The keyboard is of the range 17.5 X 6.0 inches. The black aluminum chassis and elegant silver SteelSeries logo make it unique and distinct.

The main misgiving found by the technician team about the Apex M750 is that it can present a hazard to tournament players.

I have only two significant misgivings about the way the keyboard is put together, and they could present a hazard to tournament players. Instead of plastic feet that snap out to elevate the keyboard, the M750 uses removable rubber feet. These feet work fine on a desktop, but they constantly fell out while I was trying to transport the keyboard from place to place. Having to reattach a rubber peg isn’t a big deal at home, but imagine if it gets lost en route to a tournament.

The Steel Series Apex M750 RGB makes use of QX2 key switches which is a modified Gateron switch. QX2 key switches are designed for both comfort and speed. It doesn’t have an easy analog among Cherry MX switches. The QX2 switches are somewhat loud but although it is not as loud as a Blue switch. It has a somewhat soft touch same time not as soft as a Red switch.

The keys provided in the keyboard are linear and provide an extremely quick spring back, at any rate, although they’ll require a lot of getting used to if you’re a Cherry aficionado, or are used to Cherry analogs.
The QX2 keys provided on the keyboard are not ideal for typing, either.

Conducting an evaluation at, our Evaluation team scored 112 words per minute and made seven errors with the M750 at the same time 124 words per minute and two errors with the Logitech G810 Orion Spectrum which is also a competing model. The QX2 keys used in the Steel Series Apex M750 RGB also felt a little flighty and jittery compared with the slower and more measured Romer-G switches.

The switches used are good for esports, perhaps, but more difficult for everyday tasks.

We are always considered about you and if you are also a typist and you may come across different typing jobs with this keyboard then you should be aware that this is not necessarily the best tool for that job. It’s certainly a decent step up over a regular membrane board, but the short travel distances and fast actuation of the keyboard will result in frequent mistakes. As we type this review on the M750 for you, we are definitely seeing a lot of red squigglies. If you’re a typist first and gamer second, then we will suggest you more tactile switch, such as the Cherry MX Blue.

The SteelSeries Apex M750 RGB is not installed with any extra buttons, such as macro keys or discrete media controls. (I dislike the former and like the latter, although I see how both could be superfluous in an esports device. The most substantive features needed for a keyboard has come from the SteelSeries Engine 3 software. This program allows the users to reprogram every single key (very handy).

The programme makes you create profiles for individual games (very handy) and also makes you control the attractive RGB lighting (somewhat handy).

The SteelSeries M750 RGB has put a lot of time, effort and focus into the M750’s lighting capabilities. M750 RGB offers you a beautiful colorful option, from static lights to responsive rainbow waves. The M750 RGB ties into the company’s new “Engine Apps,” which sync up with other useful programs. Discord can give you chat notifications by toggling colors on your keyboard, for example, and Audio Visualizer can show you sound levels on the keys just like an on-screen sound wave.

The SteelSeries M750 will not compromise in fast, efficiency in gaming and performance. The springy keys used in the M750 keyboards are a boon in fast-paced games like Overwatch and StarCraft Remastered, both of which are big in the esports scene. Whether Mei was slinging giant icicles or I was ordering a group of Terran soldiers across dangerous terrain, the M750 stood up to both cautious single presses and repeated button mashing.

The SteelSeries Apex M750 RGB is a competent and comfortable esports keyboard in the recent market. The cost of the keyboard is in the range of other high-end RGB keyboards such as the Razer BlackWidow Chroma which is of a cost $170, or the Logitech G810 Orion Spectrum at $130, and it offers you a much sleeker design than its competitors. Not all of its design risks pay off, though, and the software used in the M750 RGB is not yet robust enough to support a vigorous esports community.

  • Gorgeous design
  • Springy, responsive keys
  • Colorful illumination
  • Intuitive software
  • Not ideal for travel
  • Lighting limitations
  • Productivity drawbacks


Today peoples who are having a great craze in gaming are in search of new mechanical keyboards, making the requested upgrade list alongside a specific mouse or headset. The major drawback is seen by those who are reluctant because of the two major disadvantages of mechanical switches – price and noise.

Price is something we’ll come onto, but noise is a particular problem for those who want to use them in working environments or have their home PC inside a shared living space, such as the living room or bedroom. The technicians have arrived with new updated ideas to solve the drawbacks, in the form of silicon O-rings and pads, to dampen the noise that mechanical keys do when bottoming down.

However, a very large portion of the noise actually does not come from the key bottoming down but from the spring that quickly resets the key up to its original position, even though the keyboard is been installed with the new O-rings or pads beneath the keycaps, a mechanical keyboard could not ever become really quiet.

The manufacturer introduces their new product Corsair Strafe RGB in a well-designed packed in a thick cardboard box. The artwork provided on the cover is based on a picture of the keyboard itself and they are of a black and yellow color theme which makes it stylish, which is the identity livery of the Corsair Gaming brand. The installation of new Cherry’s MX Silent switches is very clearly noted on the front side of the box and makes users well aware of these features.

Corsair supplies a very basic manual, a wrist rest, a keycap removal tool and two sets of gaming keycaps along with the keyboard which makes the Corsair Strafe worth to the money you spend to own it. The first set is supposed to be for FPS gamers and the second for MOBA gamers. Both sets are contoured and textured. Two W and the D keycaps of the keyboard, exist in both sets but have different contours as a result.

The wrist rest was not included in the “vanilla” version of the Strafe that we reviewed last year, so it is a positive sign to see it included here.

Corsair is one of the best electronic device manufacturing company known for their premium, understated, yet functional designs and this make it unique in the market. Not Apple-like minimal, but there is a certain industrial style that people love or hate. The Corsair Strafe RGB gaming keyboard falls under this. At first glance, the Strafe will look simple, even boring, with no angles and flourishes that every gaming manufacturer churns out and what gamers come to expect from a gaming keyboard so far.

You can keep the Strafe on a bankers desk and no one will bat an eyelid on it.

In this part, we will go through the fact that the beautiful aluminum of the previous Corsair models of keyboards has been replaced by soulless plastic and make it weightless. The build quality of the Corsair is not compromisable and it is sturdy. Bit disappointing comments were given by the users of the keyboard was that the keyboard is pretty heavier suggesting that there is a lot of metal packed in holding the RGB lights along with the Cherry MX mechanical keys in place.

The keys provided on the keyboard are ergonomically curved on the tips makes it stylish. The keys on the keyboard also make a barely sound when pressed. Which is uncharacteristic of mechanical keyboards which have a satisfying clickity-clack.

The sound damping is interesting for those who require stealth gaming, but somehow this feels like a plastic keyboard without the click, but that’s a matter of personal opinion.

 The Corsair Strafe RGB is a mechanical keyboard that makes you always feel like you are on a meth and typing on the clouds and this means it will make yoy more comfortable to use. Just load up the Beatles in their yellow submarine days and enjoy the light show. The RGB lighting is alive and it pulses and dances around your fingers waiting to get out and strangle you with its kaleidoscopic love.

I cannot count how many time I have looked up to see the “You Died” screen in Dark Souls 3 by just admiring how well fuchsia blends in with lime green. Don’t get me wrong, I love the distraction and so does my daughter and cat. Thankfully it’s so beautiful when I press that backspace key to delete all that gibberish.

The box of the keyboard arrives with different types of key tools and colored keys for WSAD and you are also provided with a handy palm rest. The cable is not braided and comes with two USB connectors, one for your Keyboard and one for the USB port in the keyboard. For plugging in your mouse or a drive. If you have a USB 3.0 port then you just need to plug in the keyboard wire, thus saving on precious ports.

Everyone thinks that the RGB light provided is just for the stylish look or for the entertainment, but it has its own advantages which are helpful to gamers
The RGB lighting of the Corsair Strafe RGB is mostly fluff and fun in the day but come night and that’s where the full power of it comes into the light. You can customize the lighting on individual keys from the software as provided to you. I wish I could say it was simple to do by you, but Corsair needs to really take a long hard look at what SteelSeries has done with cleaning up their software and do the same for theirs. The user interface is a mess, with no starting point.
The Corsair Strafe RGB is a fantastic and comfortable keyboard with RGB lighting that not only looks great and stylish but also is functional. The software is terrible, but once you get used to it, it’s fine.

  • Well constructed
  • Sweet lighting options
  • Massively capable CUE enables astonishing lighting effects and other actions
  • Included optional keycaps for FPS and MOBA gamers
  • Some may not care for the textured spacebar
  • No dedicated multimedia keys or volume knob
  • Thick, unwieldy USB cabling

10.Logitech G613 LIGHTSPEED

 The G613 is a pretty strange beast in the market today. Logitech G613 is a wireless mechanical keyboard. Although it sounds a little odd, there’s plenty to like about the G613. Highlights include Logitech’s Romer-G key switches, superb Lightspeed wireless technology, and rugged build quality. This combination of different features makes the Logitech G613 an excellent wireless gaming keyboard as well as a great keyboard for the typist.

The Logitech G 613 is having some faults or deficiency in the manufacturing or designing such as lack of the backlighting and the absence of the USB port. The competing model Corsair K63 Wireless with its faster RED Cherry MX switches is a better choice for those who give priority for the cable-free gaming.

The Logitech G613 Lightspeed is somewhat a hefty stuff. The keyboard is of the size 216mm wide. It has a weight of 1.46kg including batteries. Comparing with the competing model such as the Corsair K63 the Logitech G613 is significantly heavier. (the corsair k63 is a tenkeyless keyboard of the weight 1.09 kg).

The Logitech G613 has used the extra real estate to add the media controls on the keyboard at the top left side. The six macro keys are been installed at the side of these media control keys. The only criticism that you may felt about the Logitech G613 is the separate button for the volume up and down. for a gamer increase in the always make him confused and lead to unwanted clicks and makes his game complicated. The gamers always prefer the roller switch for the up and down of the volume.

The main drawback noticed on the keyboard by the manufacturer is the lack of the USB port and the backlighting. Although everyone is not a fan of the backlighting there are plenty of gamers who love to have a backlight for their keyboard. The gamers who always like to play in dark may feel it difficult to use.

The issues mentioned above can be forgiven because the keyboard shows its manufacturing quality in different other areas. While looking to the building quality the plastic chassis and sizeable palm rest are made with the excellent quality they will not suffer from any flex even when it is met with continuous heavy typing.

The Bluetooth facility provided on the keyboard makes it easy to connect with the laptops and tablets, but if you need a latency-free gaming experience then you will want to take advantage of lightspeed connectivity. These extra qualities involve sacrificing the USB port and backlighting.

The Logitech G613 Lightspeed is a new wireless gaming keyboard technology with unnoticeable 1m response rate.
The Romer-G key switches used in the Logitech G613 Lightspeed also work a treat. Romer-G key switches are custom tech developed by Logitech and Omron. The G613 is manufactured in a design which has a shorter travel distance than regular keyboards, plus a 1.5mm actuation point and an actuation force of 45g.

The end result is a keyboard that feels a little like it has Brown Cherry MX switches. The main difference I’ve noticed is that keys have a springier action and are noticeably quieter than their Red Cherry MX rivals.

While considering the whole keyboard, the G613 is a nicely diverse keyboard that works equally well for gaming and regular typing. The main drawback noticed in the keyboard is that people used to a quicker pace – or Red Cherry MX switches, like those on the Corsair K63 Wireless – seems to be a little slow and less reactive for speed-focused gaming. Although, which you like will boil down to personal preference.

 The major performance negative stems on the keyboard are from the lack of any onboard profiling options for the macro keys. You are given hundred percentage freedom to programme multiple profiles using Logitech’s desktop gaming software, but there’s no way to manually switch to them directly on the keyboard. This drawback will be a kind of annoyance, but one that will aggravate folk who regularly switch profiles when playing different characters in MOBAs, for example.

If you are in search of a mechanical wireless keyboard in the market, then right now it comes down to a choice between the Corsair K63 Wireless and the Logitech G613.

Of the two, the Logitech G613 is the slightly better option for those who want a keyboard for more than just gaming. The custom switches used in Logitech G613 Lightspeed offer you a superior basic typing experience, and its full number pad provided on the keyboard is a blessing for office work.

What is there is as functional as it is aesthetically mute? The black and gray color combination with the merest hint of blue on it, a set of comfortably shaped and clearly labeled (though not double-shot) keys, and Romer-G key switches, a co-development between Logitech and Omron, with a high actuation bump, and a satisfying soft feel. Comparing to other Romer-G devices, there’s a harmonic ring to the many springs inside the G613 that sings out if you hammer it hard, but otherwise, we’re more than happy with the experience of typing on them.

They’re not as tooth-loosening loud as many switches you’ll find, but that’s probably for the best.

While considering the main components of the keyboard, we can notice a wrist rest, non-detachable, which deepens the G613’s footprint, and means it’s a joy to use on an outstretched lap. There’s a string of six macro keys on the left edge, of which only two are realistically reachable with the pinkie of a game-positioned hand, which limits their immediate usefulness somewhat.

The Logitech G613 Lightspeed consist of a set of media clicky micro switches and also consist of a row of connection options. The Windows key-blocking game mode toggle and buttons to select between Bluetooth operation and Logitech’s LightSpeed interface are other facilities provided.

  • Solid design
  • Excellent wireless connectivity
  • Works for gaming and regular typing
  • Pleasant switches
  • Lag-free communication
  • Clean design
  • No backlighting
  • No USB passthrough
  • Pricey
  • Awkward macro keys.