Best Microphone For Youtube In India in 2020

Are you looking for a professional microphone which can record pro-level audio for you? Nowadays it important to get the good quality sound to running a youtube channel, video creator, podcaster or musician.

Around many of them, it is difficult to find the best mic.It is not such easy to find the best from the many. In such situations, we are ready here to come out with the best one in the world.

Today I am going to introduce the Best Microphone For Youtube In India. Bestdiggers has searched all over the internet and find the top 10 best microphones for youtube in India. Thus it is easy to choose the best one according to your budget.
So here is the list of Top 10 Best Microphone For Youtube In India.

List Of Best Microphone For Youtube In India 2019

Product Name Weight Price
Blue Microphones Yeti 127 g Check Price
Apogee MiC 96k 181 g Check Price
Razer Seiren Elite 1.32 Kg Check Price
Rode NT-USB 1.59 Kg Check Price
Audio-Technica AT2035 1.29 Kg Check Price
AKG C214 281 g Check Price
MXL Mics 770 454 g Check Price
Blue Microphones Snowball-MW 1.02 Kg Check Price
Samson Go 227 g Check Price
Rode VideoMicro 40.8 g Check Price

1.Blue Microphones Yeti USB Microphone

Blue Yeti would be undoubtedly one of the best choices among any other USB microphones when considering the quality. By all and sundry manufacturers, the USB mics are being stamped by all nowadays. The best example is the Logitech.

They produce great keyboards and mice, and even sound systems when specializing in computer accessories but coming to the standalone mics they do not have enough expertise.

Blue Microphones is the company which specializes in professional, quality mics. This is also considered as such a mic. It is built in such a way that it has a good quality with an excellent sound pattern and the only difference that comes is that it is being connected through the USB that is unlike the most high-end recording devices.

Without exaggerating, this will be a sensation for those who never held professional mics before. There is one good news that it has a moderate price tag when comparing to computer accessories rather than a professional studio-recording device. The quality which is of the best price of the mic which makes it a terrible rival.

Coming to the functionality of the microphone, this device may seem a bit large if you never had a studio mic before and the dimensions are kind of fair: 4.7 x 4.9 x 11.6 inches for width, depth and height respectively which include its stand.

When they look at the pictures the contrary to what most users expect that the microphone is made of a solid metal and has a very firm build overall. With caution, the control buttons have the somewhat flimsy feel and should be used.

Its time now to know about the capabilities of the mic. Blue Yeti consists of two ports.  The first port is where the USB that powers the device and sends the digital signal to the computer which has a standard sampling rate of 16 bit at 48 kHz.  In the package, the USB cable of around 6 feet long is also included.

The next port is a 3.5 mm headphones jack, allowing you to hear exactly what is being captured. Both the ports that are along with the shock mount thread are located underneath the device thus the shock mount itself is not included in the package and we will get to that later.

It has a mute button and a volume control on the face side. It consists of another control for gain and a four-position pattern switch at the back.  You can choose the directions which can be between cardioid, bidirectional, omnidirectional & stereo picking patterns.

Signals are processed in different ways where it can be achieved by combining three condenser capsules. The majority of traditional microphones will only use a single capsule thus the Blue Yeti will and do the sound indifferent.


  • It is a THX certified model.
  • It has an excellent richness and overall sound quality.
  • It has a handy headphone output.
  • It is made of a solid full metal body.
  • The price is affordable.
  • The size is non-standard.
  • Flimsy controls or buttons.


2.Apogee MiC 96k Professional Quality USB Microphone

Apogee MiC 96k offers a simple look that has a polished performance which brings a smooth experience for users of iPhone, iPad, Mac and new iPod. It does not support Microsoft Windows and likely other operating systems.

From the name itself you can know that it supports up to 96k sampling rate via 24 bit DAC which can be paired with Core Audio interface which results in a very low latency and can give demanding users a tremendous advantage.

Coming to the sound and quality of the mic, Apogee 96k has a  very clear sounding system. The mic has an extended response and which is flat.

For recording, mainly flat mics are preferred because of the tonal accuracy that also gives more room for post-processing. Apogee 96k has some special feature that others don’t have, brilliant highs that will blow you away, especially if you have some decent monitors handy.

Rather than a regular LDC, apogee uses some quality mid-sized cardioid capsule and it’s a bit easier to use which is due to fewer off-axis coloration. A good balance of proximity it has.

It consists of a USB interface where it has a successful sound production in studio relies not only on the mic itself but also on other equipment. It takes time to learn all the nuances and if you take this route even if you can afford some professional stuff, funnily enough, it will take you which is of more investments.

It is easy to end up committing those seemingly small mistakes both cases of time and in terms of money which will diminish your efforts. Comes with in-built preamps and DACs which is not in the case of the USB mics.

With noisy preamps and sluggish interface, apogeeCheaper mics usually bundle inferior capsules. Such that the sound will be noisy, delayed and unnatural. With literally zero technical knowledge, a well-integrated unit from Apogee can give you a near studio experience which is not to mention its portability.

The quality of the Apogee MiC 96k is high such that it is very expensive. It is not the price that demands, the only demand goes to the quality of the product.  It consists of wonderful and exciting things on the mic where it has an interface itself.

The latency is very low and negligible while looking at the superior sampling rate. The mic can work without the installation of any drivers.

For this interface, the credit goes to the apple. This is supported by each and every Apple device. When it comes to USB Audio, its plug and play capability, superior bandwidth and minimal latency make Apple an indisputable favorite one.

Although it is overpriced and when it is put to the test because of the beauty and quality of the mic the other USB mics got outshadowed. So that you can buy this product even though it is expensive but you will get for what you have paid.


  • It has superior quality.
  • It has a very clear sound.
  • It has a low latency.
  • It consists of a plug and play.
  • It is portable.
  • No cons found


3.Razer Seiren Elite USB Digital Microphone

Razer Seiren Elite USB Digital Microphone is with the high profile streamers racking up millions of subscribers and millions of more dollars these days that streaming that has officially transcended its origins for those with the personality.

The industry surrounding it is growing and got popularity. The process of broadcasting a video on the Internet has been simplified in that it has a dedicated hardware like the Elgato Stream Deck and Razer’s Kiyo webcam.   

To compromise on audio quality there is one of the latest additions to this maturing niche is the Razer Seiren Elite, which is a premium microphone that is built for streamers unwilling.

To cut out undesirable background noise and a digital/ analog limiter to minimize clipping even at high volumes it is featuring a built-in high-pass filter. Without the complexity or the exorbitant price tag, the Seiren Elite promises all the bells and whistles of the studio recording experience.

Coming to the quality of the audio the microphones live and die by the quality of their recorded audio. You will be expecting the sound quality to be pitch perfect for the Razer pitching the Seiren Elite as a pro-grade “streamer-certified” device.

To many of the USB microphones, the speech comes through crisp and clear, absent the slight tinniness and muffled distortion common. With the Seiren Elite not only picking up the attempts to thwart it but doing that with an impressive level of clarity it holds true across a wide range of volumes.

With equal aplomb, the Seiren Elite handles loud speech. While you wouldn’t probably want to conduct an entire stream with your vocal cords cranked to 11 that shouting into the microphone which results in only minimal clipping thanks to the integrated vocal limiter where the occasional roar of triumphed not going to leave your audience scrambling for the kill switch.

From multiple angles and distances, the Seiren Elite has no trouble capturing clear speech. One of the issues that come for the up-and-coming streamers is background noise.

With ambient sound, Traffic, roommates and even the fans on your gaming PC can sully your stream thus the  Seiren Elite features a built-in defense for this.

The low-frequency sounds like the rumble of passing cars and strips them out from the audio stream, leaving higher-frequency sounds like your voice intact has been detected with a high pass filter.

I tried recording amidst a cacophony which is of heavy footfalls, revving cars and a running air conditioner which is to test this and at each time the Seiren Elite is managed which is to clean up the audio far better than I expected.

You can purchase Razer Seiren that will suit your budget and it is an amazing microphone which can record the audio with high quality. You can perfectly use this microphone for recording the youtube videos.


  • It has a superb audio clarity.
  • It consists of a built-in high-pass filter.
  • The USB connectivity eliminates the need for a separate audio interface.
  • It is consistent even in hectic environments.
  • The stand is not stable.

4.Rode NT-USB USB Condenser Microphone

Rode NT-USB USB Condenser Microphone is a highly versatile side-address microphone which is ideal for recording singing and musical performances in addition to the spoken applications such as podcasting and voice-over.

With all mainstream recording applications on both Windows and Mac OS which is based on computers, as well as the Apple iPad using RØDE Rec, GarageBand, or any other recording app that accepts an external microphone it is fully compatible.

Like the Apple Camera Connection Kit, you can use it on the Apple iPad requires a suitable USB connection adaptor. Along with dials that are to adjust the monitoring level and mix between the computer/iPad audio and the microphone input where the body of the NT-USB features a zero-latency stereo headphone monitoring jack that will allow you to the monitor where the microphone input in real-time.

Onto the base of the mic, a premium pop-filter is included to fit.  To minimize plosives during singing or speech that is positioning the filter the ideal distance from the capsule. With industry standard 3/8 inch thread, desktop tripod stand which will allow the NT-USB that is to sit at a comfortable height on a tabletop, and a pouch for the storage of the microphone when not in use which is provided in high quality.

There are many issues concerning podcasters which is for both new and seasoned, that is by choosing the right equipment for our needs.  The microphone is highly beautifully packed all that is with a top quality. The mic has all the features of complete recording and tracking the music.

To eliminate explosive ‘s’ and ‘p’ sounds while laying down vocals the pop filter can easily be moved in front of the microphone. It can pick up all the nuances of an acoustic instrument performance by the sensitivity and frequency response.

The voiceovers can be used easily because that has a built-in headphone port with a volume control and a monitor-mix knob as well, while you are recording you can fine-tune that what you hear in your headphones.

The rode can be used for podcasting, Skype, and Gaming. It lends itself to interacting with others when gaming or chatting, with the headphone port which is best for individual podcasts.

It only has one pickup pattern and it is side addressed such that it would be less suited for an interview situation or group chat than other mics as it does not have a figure-8.

There is no drivers or anything necessary because the installation is very straightforward so that it just plugs and plays and now you can record the volume in your control panel.

To an existing USB port, you can simply connect on PC and Mac. As the mic is portable you can easily take it with you to record out and about.Rode NT-USB USB  is the best one that you can purchase and use. It will suit your budget.


  • It is affordable.
  • A tripod stand is included.
  • The extended warranty is available.
  • It works with iPads.
  • It is slightly limited in features.
  • The tripod stand is weak.

5.Audio-Technica AT2035 Large Diaphragm

Audio-Technica AT2035 is the best affordable large diaphragm condensers (LDCs) that is available on the market. Alongside the AT2050 the Audio-Technica released the AT2035 that will feature many pickup patterns. By the budget AT2020, both mics were inspired.

A low-cut filter, 10dB pad and cardioid pickup pattern are the features of the AT2035. +48V phantom power is required for the mic. With a custom, shock mount and is durable padded pouch the mic ships.

There is a plastic shock mount that is studied and does the job adequately. Much protection as a pouch is likely to be able to provide that the vinyl pouch gives.  

I would transport the mic in the original cardboard box it is sold in, which has a shaped foam slot unless space was at a premium.For a budding engineer’s first LDC AT2035 is a good candidate where there are cheaper LCDs that the range of price which ranges in a good medium that has a balancing feature and is affordable. It will be a pleasant surprise while moving from an SM58 to this.

When compared to the Audio-Technica on vocals in the studio, the SM58 sounds flat and lifeless. For the price, on a variety of sources, the AT2035 gives a fair performance. With their purchase, a very large number of buyers were happy that we can understand while judging the reviews of the user.

The mic looks professional and classy with a matte black finish and understated controls. At the base of the back of the mic, the pad and low-cut switches are recessed. To result in any mishaps the shock mount is well-designed. The frequency response of mic is of 20Hz-20kHz.

Although there is a presence peak around 12 kHz the response is fairly flat. Up to 148dB SPL, 1 kHz, the AT2035 can handle. For another 10dB the pad can be engaged. Most sources without any issues will be able to handle by this. The signal to noise ratio is 82 dB, 1 kHz at 1 Pa.

The AT2035 accentuated the bass far too much when paired with a female vocalist. This chopped out too much of the bottom end and was not satisfactory either for my purpose. When recording a coarse vocalist with a bass-heavy voice I found the AT2035 resulted in similar issues.

A significantly cheaper LDC, and got better results in both situations I tried the MXL 2006. More readily it seemed to hit the right balance of bass. The AT2035 hit the mark much better when used on a male rock vocalist with a thin voice and very dynamic performance.

On a wide range of instruments, the AT2035 can be used effectively. For voice work, It can function as a drum overhead, and it is also popular. It can be used on brass instruments and electric guitar because of the high SPL rating.


  • It is a useful feature set.
  • It is of a solid construction.
  • It is warm and has a clear reproduction.
  • It looks classy.
  • It has a good value for money.
  • There is bass response overpowering for some vocalists.
  • It is not quite as versatile as some users claim.


6.AKG C214 Professional Large-Diaphragm Condenser Microphone

AKG C214  is a diaphragm condenser microphone that features a fixed cardioid pattern, highpass filter and 20dB pad. A number of legacy mics are brought by the name AKG like the C 12, C 414 and C 451. A variety of well-respected headphones are manufactured by the company ad also wireless and installed sound products.

For the recording and live sound markets, AKG unveiled a new condenser mic designed. The microphone is versatile and affordable which is by offering the user options and accessories which is to alter the mic’s performance. W 214 foam windscreen and a sturdy carrying case which ships with the H 85 shock-mount.

By 6 dB per octave that is starting at 160 Hz, where the mic has a fixed cardioid pattern, 20dB pad and a highpass filter that cuts the bass. When the pad isn’t engaged the pad lets the mic handle up to 156dB SPL or 20 dB less.

The C 214 lives up to AKG’s quality standards as it is designed, engineered and built in Vienna, Austria, and as promised. It has a simple design and seems nearly indestructible. The microphone is made up of an all-metal die-cast body which is coated in a scratch-resistant finish. You can easily move them with a thumb or fingernail as the recessed switches are solid.

When you change the switch position there is no “in-between” feeling on these that you know exactly what’s on and what isn’t. On an integrated suspension and housed in a double-mesh grille, promising high-RF immunity with little impact on acoustic performance the 1-inch, the edge-terminated capsule is mounted.

On an acoustic guitar, I first heard the 214s used as a spaced pair. The microphone run through a Neve VR console’s preamps which is direct to 2-inch analog tape. By engaging each mic’s high-cut filter the guitar part was heavily strummed and that produces a lot of low-frequency boom, that I could easily address.

On a drum kit, I next tried the pair in an X/Y configuration as overheads. With a nice stereo image and exhibited no strident wash when they were hit hard the cymbals rendered very well.

As verified by the frequency diagram there was no a lot of overall extreme low-end present which is dead-flat below 500 Hz with a roll-off starting at 75 Hz.

The more I could play with the proximity to get the low end that I needed the closer I got to the bottom of the low tom. Taking the bite out of a shaker, even when the part was played hard they worked well on hand percussion.

The performance of the microphone is reliable. On a female vocal the 214 came up short the 214 came up short.In a majority of situations, it’s sturdy and easy to place/position in the mount, and it sounded great.


  • It comes with a cradle and a pop filter.
  • It is great for Rap/R&B vocals.
  • It has a huge difference in sound from lower end models.
  • It is bright but not exaggerated.
  • It is great for a variety of uses.
  • It is extremely durable.
  • No cons found.


7.MXL Mics 770 Condenser Cardioid Microphone

In helping us connect with people all over the world the internet has done a great deal where we are getting a place to share our talents, express our creativity, and entertain ourselves.

Nowadays there are many of the people who create their own content like videos, song covers, and podcasts.

To create content that is fun and engaging. Most people do it to help others or do it as their hobby they are doing their best. To help others or do it as their hobby most of the people do this.

By recording their own songs to get discovered on different websites such as YouTube there are also many people who are aiming to gain success online.

By simply posting a video of them singing on the said website which enticed a lot of aspiring singers as well there has been a lot of artists that have become successful over the years. In teaching live classes online there are also some people who have found a career.

It is important that the content you are creating has a good quality audio whether you are doing it for fun, to have a career, or to become famous. The people who are watching or listening to that will be able to hear and understand you clearly that will make them look forward to what you come up with next if the content has a good audio quality.

You would need a quality microphone in order to have a great recording of your vocals, instruments. We recommend the MXL 770 Cardioid Condenser Microphone to make shopping a little easier for you. From the company MXL Mics, the MXL 770 Cardioid Condenser Microphone is developed. The division of the well-known audio brand Marshall Electronics is MXL 770.

MXL Mics manufactures develops, a range of audio products like cables and pro A/V not only microphones. For either professional, hobbyists, or musician the audio products are suitable for recording songs, making movies, or doing live broadcasts. A lot of artists on their website and they also host giveaways to their consumers monthly are featured by them.

All over the world with its incredible price/performance ratio the MXL 770 condenser microphone continues to amaze recording artists. Upfront high-end and solid bass the singers and Voice Talent love MXL 770. With balanced output for a wide dynamic range, the MXL 770 even uses a high-quality FET preamp.

This is the best and the perfect microphone for the seasoned pros or newbie musicians who want a quality condenser mic that won’t break the bank. For exceptional sound quality, the patented MXL 770 Condenser Mic is wired with Mogami.

The mic is with gold-sputtered, 6-micron and low distortion diaphragm. It consists of a switchable bass cut and -10db pad. It has legendary MXL sonic characteristics.


  • An outstanding mic for the money.
  • It picks up a wide range of frequencies.
  • Sturdy, good build quality.
  • It is versatile.
  • It is great for rap vocals.
  • Good for people with high voices.
  • It is a bit bright.
  • It has some feedback issues at times.
  • It’s very raw sounding.


8.Blue Microphones Snowball-MW USB Microphone

Blue Microphones Snowball-MW is a USB microphone with exceptional sound-capture capabilities that create the studio-quality recordings.

The Snowball produces crisp, clean recordings that are free of feedback and distortion using Blue Microphone’s award-winning dual-capsule and circuit design.

Giving you the flexibility to record vocals, instrumental music, podcasts, interviews and more a unique pattern switch allows you to toggle between three different settings.

The Snowball requires no additional drivers and is ready to record straight out of the box with a plug-and-play design that is both Mac and PC compatible.

There are three different pattern modes for the versatile recording. The first one is the Cardioid mode. The cardioid mode records sound sources that are directly in front of the microphone with well-suited to podcasts, sung vocals, and other voice work. The full-bodied sound is delivered by the mic.

The second one is the omnidirectional mode. From all directions, the omnidirectional mode picks up sound equally. When you want to capture the ambiance of ‘being there’- like a live recording of a band’s performance it is the best one that can be used. The third one is cardioid Mode with -10 dB PAD. It is the same as cardioid mode, that except with a -10 dB attenuation which helps you capture louder sounds with higher fidelity.

It has an innovative recording which makes the recording easy. The Snowball’s stylish, retro aesthetic will complement any computer system is with a visual design inspired by classic recording equipment. By recalling the look of old-timey microphones by the metal grille and brushed-aluminum frame.

In relation to the sound source, improving sound quality the Snowball comes with an adjustable tripod that lets you position the microphone. When the microphone is powered there is an LED indicator, which glows red.

There are no complication drivers to operate this you can simply plug it into your computer’s USB port with the included USB cable, that calibrates the microphone with your operating system, and now you are ready to record.

the microphone requires a minimum of 64 MB of RAM that is compatible with Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP (Home and Professional), and Mac OS X (10.4.11 or higher).

You can find the Snowball iCE line, a cardioid condenser microphone that it delivers a crystal clear audio between their catalog of microphones. It is one of the most versatile USB microphones around so that thanks to its cardioid polar pattern. You can plug and use the microphone. No drivers are required because it is compatible with any recording software.

The installation proposes is easy for this microphone that you can take it out and then mount it on the adjustable stand, plug the USB to your computer. Now it is ready for recording. It comes with the tripod desk stand and the USB cable.


  • It has a clear sound.
  • It is easy to plug and play.
  • The mic stand is of rubberized feet so it doesn’t scratch your table.
  • The snowball can be easily disassembled.
  • It is not good for recording music.
  • The supplied stand is noted as being quite unstable.


9.Samson Go Mic Portable USB Condenser Microphone

Nowadays we can see that most of the laptops, netbooks, tablets, and phones all come equipped with integrated webcams and microphones. When compared to more premium standalone mics this is all great but again the vast majority while they may have a great camera have a very low quality sounding microphones.

If you use apps like GarageBand, Google Hangouts or you like doing podcast’s etc low-quality sound bothers you so that an option for you is to purchase Samson Go Mic.

Samson Go Mic is the best choice which is a perfect solution for the people those who want a more professional sound but don’t have a packed out piggy bank.

Samson Go Mic looks good and it is easy to setup and fits n the palm of your hand. You can use the microphone by unclipping it out of its travel configuration and by pressing down on the indentation on the clip and folding the mic outwards.

The mic is perfectly balanced so you don’t have to worry about it falling over while in use such that the clip itself can be used as a stand. So many different positions can be achieved easily as the mic is connected to the stand via a ball joint.

It perfect for whatever you are doing such that the mic can also be used in its clip configuration and attached to the top of your laptop, monitor or iPad/tablet with ease making.

The purpose of setting the mic is quite simple that you can just plug and play it. You can simply plug the mini-USB into the mic and the USB cable into whatever device you are using and you are ready to go. To ensure you get the sound you are looking for which is on the PC or Mac etc you can adjust sensitivity levels.

The microphone has three settings that are for just in case you are new to microphones If you would rather hear them in action then skip to our video at the bottom.

To pic up the sound directly from the front of the mic, the unidirectional setting is what you would use. Can vastly improve your sound quality over any built-in options this setting would be ideal for podcasting, Skype calls, and Google Hangouts.

There is an option of 10 dB pad option automatically lowers the mic’s sensitivity then you have to get closer to the mic. When you need any other ambient noise canceled out this setting is perfect for recording voice-overs, narrations or vocals.

You will have to utilize a pop filter as P’s and D’s can cause the mic to clip (distort) and the pop shield will eliminate this from happening which is being close to it.


  • It is extremely portable.
  • It is sturdy build.
  • It is very clear and noiseless.
  • There is a clip to attach it to a Laptop or LCD screen.
  • It can be mounted on a tripod.
  • 3 Pickup patterns.
  • It is incredibly affordable and cheap.
  • Plug n Play, no drivers required.
  • No cons found.


10.Rode VideoMicro Compact On-Camera Microphone

Rode VideoMicro is a compact professional mic that can perfectly sit on any DSLR camera while leaving a minimal footprint. It may seem somewhat expensive for an average consumer, this is a microphone that has high quality so that you will get the best for that you pays.

This would be a must-have addition, as even high-end cameras sound terrible with their inbuilt mics if you want to achieve a decent sound for your recordings.

It will help to eliminate the unwanted noise such as hiss, handling noises such that this model will deliver a clean and natural sound. It provides a moderate off-axis cancellation allowing you to capture only what you need is a directional microphone with a super-cardioid polar pattern.

They usually use boom mics in the professional video production. For more focused recording and as it’s mounted to a pole is allowed by a typical boom mic that gives a great positional advantage. With lesser noise and acoustical issues, this leads to cleaner audio. These types of mic are heavier than they cost more and require a boom operator.

They cannot be directly connected to a camera because they use XLR connectors and require preamps. It has to be further synced with the video that this implies the use of additional equipment as well as a separate stream of recording. In this class, you can find any better than Rode.

Allowing switching between -10 dB, 0 and +20 dB modes the Rode VideoMic Pro Compact has a handy dB pad. As it helps to eliminate the hiss for louder environments and when close enough to the target, you could actually lower this setting, where most of the time I would strongly advise using the +20 dB mode for louder environments and when close enough to the target, you could actually lower this setting, most of the time I would strongly advise using the +20 dB mode.

The cameras have their own internal circuitries that adjust for the input levels accordingly. The cameras will amplify it and vice-versa if the signal is low. You will get a substantially higher amount of noise if the input signal has been already pre-amplified by the mic in that case a camera has to use an internal amplifier.

It is also perfectly shielded that the mic’s circuitry uses higher-end audio components. A camera’s internal amplifier adds quite a bit of gain to the circumferential noise that is induced to and fro its own circuitry as well as the mic’s cable. The mics cable is unusually thin so that some may consider it flimsy.

The mic is the compact size and lightweight. No battery is required such that it is powered by camera plug-in power – minimum 3V. Rycote Lyre shock mount and the Deluxe furry windshield is included in the mic. It is made of decent quality materials and which gives it an expensive feel.


  • It has an excellent sound.
  • It provides a 10-year warranty.
  • It consists of handy features.
  • It has very low noise.
  • It is compact and lightweight.
  • It requires delicate handling.
  • Counterintuitive battery replacement.