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List of best staple gun in 2018

Product name Feature Price
TWorld 22.72 ounces check price
Upholstery Staple Gun 27.52 ounces check price
Könnig Heavy Duty 25.92 ounces check price
Heavy Duty Chrome 3 21.12 ounces check price
UNITACKER 3 In 1 25.76 ounces check price
UNITACKER 5-in-1 35.2 ounces check price
Stanley 24.32 ounces check price
Topec 24.64 ounces check price
Uniteco 38.4 ounces check price
Surebonder 50.08 ounces check price

1. TWorld

 If you are going to search for one of the best staple guns on the market. So here it introduces the product named TWorld.

You need to get the one of the best product that is currently available in the market. so you opted for the best product. This product will definitely give you the best result.

Different people use this product for the application of various use. So this product is made for the users to satisfy different needs. If you are looking for staples that are fit for door type, U Type, T Type then this one is the right option.

For the easiness of user, they can just push forward and also down to just release staple channel. The content of staples is just increased to 600 ones.

 The next main feature of the product is the Depth adjustment knob that is placed at the top. The main advantage of the knob is to adjust the power that is used on the fastener to press deeper on the material that is used. If you are looking for the best controlling staple this is the best option.

If you are choosing a staple for a long time then you can fix this because this material is made of aluminum steel and also the chrome plated construction that makes this product more durable and also lasting.

This product uses the principal of spring-back impact for the springs that are used which helps the users to not to use gas or electricity as the power source for the staple.

The next advantage of the user is if you are looking for the proper servicing by the company then you can buy this product.

Pros Cons
  • Rubber gripped handle.
  • Easy to load staples.
  • Staples gets jammed.

2. Upholstery Staple Gun

 If you are looking for the best product that helps you to use easily then you can opt for this. There are many features that help you to like this product.

If the customers needed the staple that can give the correct pressure for the task at hand. For this product, the user can easily fit the proper force according to the materials that are binding. r̥

This adjustment helps users to reduce fatigue and also the effort that is applied to the staple using the adjustable knob. When a user thinks to buy this kind of product then they will definitely look the lasting of product. 

So for the convenience of users, the product has made with quality materials that are aluminum steel construction and also protected with a chrome plated steel is used.

If You are looking for the one of the lasting product and like to get the protection from corrosion and this product has good sturdy for woodworking, ceiling tiles, rack and also roofing.

The next reason is why this product makes it great for customers is this product doesn’t need electricity or gas for its power. The next feature that normally everyone like is the proper satisfied service by the company. For any complaints, customers can just call them.

Pros Cons
  • Long lasting product.
  • Good design.
  • no cons

3. Könnig Heavy Duty

l One of the next product that is described is Könnig Heavy Duty.

The first feature that is explained is the convenience for the users to reload the bottom load staples and also handle lock for convenient storage.

The users like to not to waste time in the reloading the staples so here it provides the convenience for users to reload it with a fast and easy way.

If you are looking for the staple gun with good power then you had best features from here. Here the staple has sufficient power to force into the thick wood.

For the convenience of users, this staple has an easy load mechanism that helps the users to not to waste time behind this. The people who purchase staple with a compact design they have the right one. 

The staple uses the handle lock for the easy storage of staples. The easiness of using this Könnig Heavy Duty staple gun is good. The users are given a soft rubber grip for the working convenience of users. The users are just protected from accidental operation Handle safety locking system.

The next advantage of the customers who are looking for more number of staples they have the right option because this contains 1500 staples.

This product is offered to users with a satisfied service.

Pros Cons
  • Product looks good.
  • This product will meet demands.
  • Staples kept falling out

4. Heavy Duty Chrome 3

 If you are searching for one of the best staple guns that are available in the market then you do not need to think of much just buy this. Many of the people think of the durability of the product as they invest some amount of price in it.

Then for the people who consider the lasting and also the durability of the product then they will have the right choice. For the people who look at the construction, it is made of carbon steel. 

The next feature that is described is the visibility of the product for them, the yellow coated paint is given. Some people who look for the easy refilling of the staples they can definitely buy this product because of the easiness to reload the cartridge.

The users can easily reload the staples by simply slide down the back door only. The users can easily use the staple gun and also reload it. The next feature that the customers note is the durability of the device.

So people look for the long lasting of the product and the spring used in the device is also long-lasting. The spring-loaded adjustable mechanism is the main feature that helps to provide spring more lasting.

Pros Cons
  • Works well.
  • no cons


 Here it’s going to introduce before you one of the best staple guns that are available in the market. Many of the customers note the different performances than the common features in the staple gun.

So for the customers who consider such factors they ave the right choice here. Here Unitacker provides unique features such as Regular stapling or otherwise Paper fastening. The users can be processed up to 50 sheets in Paper fastening that help the users a lot. 

The users can be used also the Temporary fixing that can be easily removed. The customers who think to buy one of the best staples with more features they have the right choice.

This product is Steel housing. The next feature of the product is Spring plate power generated device. The next advantage and feature of this device is the lock down handle.

The next feature that is described is the product construction that is made of metal body and also has a compact design that will definitely be liked by customers.

The Safety handle lock mechanism that helps to storage. The next advantage of this product is the Spring plate design which helps the users to easily store more staples in it.

Pros Cons
  • Compact design.
  • Easy storage for staples.
  • no cons


 If you are looking for one of the best staple guns that is available in the market then here is the best one. Many of the customers choose the products for many unique features. For them, Unitracker is the right option.

This product has a device known as idiot proof which helps to mark automatically the different measures that used for and adapt multi staple purpose.

The next unique feature that is used for this product is worlds first innovative creation device that is applied to the staple gun. The next feature of the product is the design that is used. 

For customers who purchase staple gun with good design, it is made with a compact design and also the material used here is completely steel.

The next feature is the bottom-load anti-jam magazine that helps the users to easily upload and unload staples. The storage of staples is increased by using the Safety handle lock mechanism.

Many of the people who look for the storage of staples in it, here it is there. The next is the spring plate design that helps to create powerful force than the traditional spring type. This staple gun has worldwide patents.

Pros Cons
  • Innovative creation device
  • More powerful forces than traditional coil
  • no cons

7. Stanley

 If you are looking for the one of the best staple gun that is available in the market then here is a product that loves you. There are many people who buy the product looking the material that is used for.

Here it uses aluminum. The next feature that explained here is this product can work overtime as a staple gun, brad nailer, cable tacker and also wire tacker.

The next feature here described is the penetration of the staples. Here it has the metal body which ensures for the excellent penetration of the device. 

The next feature that gives a specialty for this device is the less power is applied for the device for the easy application of staples with the best power.

The staple uses aircraft-aluminum housing that helps the customers for the best durability of the product. Many customers focus on that factor.

The next advantage is Hi/Lo power lever for the hard and soft materials. Many customers have the confusions in the stapling in a tight area but here Flush-nose design solves such problems.

The next feature that customers watch is the warranty provided by the company. But here it provides the limited lifetime warranty that will help customers.

Pros Cons
  • Works great.
  • no cons

8. Topec Staple

 Are you looking for the best staple gun through online? You have the product named Topec presented here. There may be many problems in using staple like stucking of the staple gun.

Then for customers who are worrying about it have a solution. Here Quick-Jam-Clear technology helps the nails that are stuck in staple, the binding switches can be pulled down. 

Many of the customers do not like to work this with a high pressure. So to avoid this problem staple has power adjustment technology that helps to adjust power used by the materials.

This makes users easier to work with this device and also not need to apply much pressure on it. The material used for the staple is thick carbon steel that makes it high quality.

The next feature here described is the spring-back result which makes the staple durable. most of the customers are bothered about the warranty provided by the company.

If you feel any kind of problem using this product, then you can just contact the customer service team and they will contact you within 24 hours.

Ergonomic Channel Switch helps the users to provide the convenient use and in case of any issues you can just pull it of and can just check the staples.

Pros Cons
  • Easy to use
  • 100% warranty
  • no cons

9. Uniteco

 If you had come to buy a good staple gun you are in the right place. Here is a product named Uniteco that will definitely have customer satisfaction.

First of all, if you find a product to buy then you will definitely look at the color and also design. Then for the people who look at this factor, they have the right one to buy. 

The design and shape of the product are very impressive. The next feature here discussed is the Voltage of the product which is 3.6V. The next feature described is the staple depth which is 10mm.

This staple will not be suitable for 12mm. The next feature customers notice is the battery storage. The company provides a storage capacity of 1300mAh Li-ion battery.

The next feature described is the charging time taken which is 3-5h. This uses USB type charging for easy using. Here it provides the solution to the problem that may be faced by customers.

If you are you using the Uniteco staple gun then sometimes staples can be jammed in the machine. then you should not hold it by the trigger. When you try to remove the jammed staple then automatically the trigger can be inadvertently actuated.

Pros Cons
  • Good design
  • no cons

10. Surebonder 9600B

 If you have thought to buy a staple gun then you can buy the top rated in the market. The product you have chosen have ranked one of the top 9 Upholstery Staplers in 2016.

This product is made for the customer satisfaction because it is added the safety mechanism to avoid any kinds of danger. This staple gun is also added with air exhaust, rubber cushioned handle for support also easy loading of staples into it. 

The next feature that customers like about Surebonder 9600 is users can do a variety of jobs with quick and in a professional manner. The next feature discussed the staple is the speed and power.

The speed and power are visible in the work that is done like installing insulation, laying down roofing felt and also setting house wrap. Thye next discussed is the comfort for using the product.

This product has a well-balanced body and rubber grips for the easy using. For the easy comfort of the customers, the staple has a designed to fit properly in your hand and also time-consuming jobs without any kinds of discomfort or fatigue.

The next feature of the product is the durability and the versatile of product. The durability of the product helps the users for the long-lasting.

Pros Cons
  • Adjustable air exhaust
  • Top-ranked product.
  • Quality is a bit less.